Glatz in brief…

It is not surprising that the Swiss sunshade manufacturer has a 117-year company history and is still as innovative as it ever was. This is partly because our founding fathers' maxim remains our philosophy today: keep your finger on the pulse and be ahead of your time! Glatz has always been conscious of its role as a pioneer. In 1895, Albert Glatz found a lucrative niche that went on to become a successful business under the leadership of his son, Albert Junior. Later, Dölf Glatz successfully develops technical solutions that find worldwide recognition. Now in its fourth generation, the company is led by Markus Glatz and has established itself as a leading supplier of sunshades and outdoor concepts for homes, gardens, hotels and restaurants in Europe and around the world.


Glatz: a subtle mix of experience and style

The Swiss company Glatz was founded over 117 years ago, and has never stopped applying its incredible expertise to parasol production since then. More than a century of longevity, evidence of the rigour and the commitment that Glatz has always devoted to its parasols. But the Swiss company is not just a symbol of longevity, as it has always shown great creativity from its first days to the present. Glatz adapts to trends and makes them its own.


Parasols for gardens, but that's not all…

The history of Glatz dates back to 1895 and the decision by Albert Glatz, the company's founder, to focus on an unusual but promising sector: producing parasols. Dölf Glatz, who took over the company years later, led the Swiss firm to new levels of success thanks to innovative technical solutions that made Glatz into a business with an international reputation. Today, Markus Glatz is the director, and he has led the company confidently into modern trends for interior and exterior decoration. Glatz has thus become a world leader in the design of parasols for homes, gardens, hotels and restaurants.