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Selection guarantee for our benches all styles for your evenings with friends around a table or outside for your rest.

Indoor Benches: Our Products


Whether you need a bit of extra seating space for guests or just a piece of attractive furniture to place alongside an empty wall, indoor benches can be a superb option. These practical, good-looking items come in a variety of materials and sizes, and at Pacific Compagnie the full range of choices is available to browse.


If you want a natural, organic look to harmonise with timber flooring, our wood benches might be the way to go. Generally made from aromatic, beautifully textured cedar wood or teak, our wooden benches are a cut above mass produced alternatives, with imaginatively carved forms and durable materials.


But if the richness of wood isn't to your taste, there are also stainless steel, zinc or rattan benches in our collection, as well as options with leather, goatskin or synthetic coverings and soft, welcoming cushions.


Our Modern, Vintage and Designer Indoor Benches


Benches come in a range of different styles, so don't expect boring old flat designs. For example, some like our pallet benches have been cleverly crafted from reclaimed materials, while others have been carved in a quirky post-modern style into banana or clothes peg shapes.


You'll also find some gorgeous vintage bench designs that would be ideal for a home bar furniture project. Whether you opt for richly coloured teak and premium leather benches or a minimalist design bench, there are plenty of options here for furnishing a bar.


Browse our bench collection and check out all the options. There are benches here for vintage living rooms, bars and conservatories, and all have their own unique charm. With our help, finding the perfect bench will be simple.