Side Tables

The humble side table may not take center stage very often but that is not to say that this little feature with a lot of pluck can’t make a splash of its own. Our selection of outdoor side tables is created to ensure that this often-overlooked item is given its due when it comes to svelte or daring design. Coming from some of the most prominent designers working today, the collection is a tour de force of small-sized innovation and creativity. As you peruse the collection you’ll undoubtedly be struck by the sheer variety of styles and looks. Form and function are blended seamlessly in many items while others choose to lean heavier on one aspect over the other. These run the spectrum from the simple yet elegant folding tablet made of durable and aesthetically pleasing teak on one end, while on the other end an internally lit, polyethylene head-shaped side table puts all thought of versatility on hold in favor of bold and unapologetic visual impact. Yet, in the end, the side table will always be anchored to its utility.

The designers in this collection are keenly aware of this and yet take the opportunity to play with and integrate functionality as a part of the beauty. A wicker side table forged in the shape of leaf is both lightweight and adapts easily to its position alongside your chair. A folding footstool sports legs that curve gracefully to provide greater beauty and a wider and sturdier base in one svelte gesture. The simplicity in each outdoor contemporary side table belies the depth and understanding of shape and necessity possessed by each creator.

<h2>Choose the right frame for your belongings</h2>

The variety on offer is in keeping with the need for a bespoke feel to any choice of outdoor side table. The style must match the items that will stand atop, or instead offer in an interesting pairing in the form of endearing contrast. Outdoor vintage side tables can hold an antique vase from congruity, or play host to a modern chic lamp for the benefit and beauty of the juxtaposition. Outdoor metal side tables can blend with an already up-scale modern aesthetic or create a daring imposition to a homely verdant garden. The table should feel as tailored and personalized as the knick-knacks and treasured items you lay upon it every day.

<h2>An even balance of the essentials of good design</h2>

The key fundamentals of furniture design; form, color, texture, style, are all carefully considered by a master designer and formulated together by artisans with years of experience. Each outdoor glass side table flows seamlessly into the décor of the surroundings, while outdoor rustic side tables express a longevity that foresees decades of faithful service. Each attitude is catered to, each preference afforded multiple options, from the lounger who seeks a worthy holder for their ice-cold drink as they soak up the sun, to the late evening garden party host who want to lay out the delicacies for the night’s entertainment and draw in the willing guests to the close quarters of stimulating conversation. A kaleidoscope of styles and materials abound, from the modernist minimalism of cuboid aluminum and steel structures to the simple yet engaging aspect of a woven mesh that hugs the feet and welcomes a cushion for added comfort. Steal your eyes from what lies ahead and dedicate sometime to the beauty of the side table with the enigmatic collection of outdoor furnitures on Pacific Compagnie.