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Design and practice our shelves are to be found in our shop. To many furniture designers, the wall is the blank canvas and shelves are the paint. The beauty of this art material is that it allows the freedom to express in the three dimensions. The Pacific Compagnie collection of design shelves is infused with the infinite inventiveness of some of the world’s very best furniture creators. Each type of style and geometry is played with as straight lines give way to looping curves, and space age reliefs are forged from polished steel.

The innovation of the collection is of the kind that creates impact instantaneously and leaves the kind of joy that one feels over a new furniture item that brings the rest to life. That said, the collection also pays homage to traditional styles and material combinations including polished hardwoods and brass fixtures, yet even these designs have a hint of something unforeseen and unexpected blended into the architecture.

The range of choices invites all comers. For those seeking something antique-esque, a simple standing structure in gold finish, for those seeking something fantastical, a fully forged sign of the Zodiac interlaced with glass shelving. Here at Pacific Compagnie, we invite you to look within and decide on the kind of functional, three-dimensional art you’d like to see set against the canvas of your wall.

The first step in completing an art work of your life

While these wall shelves stand as works of art in themselves, the piece is never complete until the shelves are filled. The modern wall shelves found in the Pacific Compagnie collection offer a wide range of styles and angles to integrate with your arrangement. Etageres rendered in glass and polished steel call out for the display of beautiful crockery, bookshelves with handmake oak veneers invite readers into a world of leather-bound brilliance, corner mounted shelves beckon for your trinkets and artisanal ornaments.

The range and variety of styles is also impressive, with the likes of freestanding riveted and polished aluminum shelves offering a stark and strait-laced modernist injection into many kinds of decors, or solid oak and glass panel combinations held in place with brass fittings offering a sense of the gravity and longevity of country house furniture. Yet despite the bespoke and ornamental nature of many of the pieces, functionality is not left wholly out of the picture. Master artisans have constructed and assembled each piece with a view to offering both strength and longevity. Still, it is clear in the design ethos of many of the pieces that they seek to challenge our traditional attitudes to function and form, with many pieces offering shelves with angled planes, a new challenge set forth in the hopes that budding home designers will rise to the occasion and offer their next houseguests a sight that is both intriguing and just off the normal level.

A collection of wall shelves that take their cues from both present, future and past.

Flowing seamlessly through the different styles and epochs of traditional and modern furniture design, the collection of modern wall shelves and indoor furniture from Pacific Compagnie is formed from the collective minds and unique design ethe of some of the world’s foremost creators and designers. Each one is crafted by artisans with years of experience to furnish a finished product that combines the very best of design history with the cutting edge of modern techniques. Whether you are looking for something to adorn your walls and showcase you finest and most personal belongings, or a luxury console table to inject a little beauty into your nooks and crannies, contact us here to find out more about our stock of design furniture.