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You want to: have your magazines, enjoy a drink with your friends, you make a meal tray, then choose a coffee table in your living room: glass, teak, mahogany, metal, aluminum, ceramic, it will produce a personal effect in addition to your living room.

Coffee tables: all of our different products

The modern coffee table is a multi-purpose piece of furniture. At different times of the day it might be used for serving snacks or drinks, for casual dining or for displaying books and magazines. And all the while it needs to look stylish in a manner in keeping with its surroundings. Pacific Compagnie offers a range of modern coffee tables to complement the contemporary home. Available in a choice of sizes, our designs combine sleek, sophisticated silhouettes with unconventional mixtures of materials, including wood, leather and even ceramics. From understated minimalism to bold statement pieces, these coffee tables can serve as versatile focal points for a range of living spaces.

Marble coffee tables

For a modern take on old world opulence, you can't beat a marble and metal coffee table. Beautifully polished tops are contrasted with a selection of supports in brass, bronze, black chrome and other chic, on-trend finishes. The resulting pieces offer durability and luxury, alongside the sense of individuality that comes from the stone's unique grain. You can also choose from a number of square and oval coffee table types to suit the proportions of your room and the layout of your furniture. In addition, many of our designs play with shapes and supporting structures to create eye-catching new looks.

Coffee tables in white and black

White and black coffee tables encapsulate the simplicity, purity and clean lines that are so sought after in modern design, making them ideal for interiors based around neutral tones. Glossy black lacquer combined with polished steel provides a strong graphic impact, while matt white lacquer twinned with oak makes for a restful and serene addition to your living space.

Glass coffee tables

If you're in the mood for something even more light and airy, you might consider one of our glass coffee table designs. These include pieces where the top and legs are made entirely out of one piece of glass, perfect for a pared back, uncluttered design aesthetic. At the other extreme, we have pieces that match clear and mirrored glass with frameworks in gilt or polished metal to create a sparkling centerpiece, useful for brightening up rooms where there's a lack of natural light.

Wooden coffee tables

When it comes to a wood coffee table, there are varied options. Veneers in bamboo, walnut and other exotic materials deliver a selection of sophisticated finishes. When mixed with metal or other woods, they create subtle nods towards the rustic or the industrial, which go particularly well with warehouse conversions and similar properties. Alternatively, try solid brushed oak for a more natural and organic feeling, especially powerful when combined with Asian-inspired proportions.


Our ceramic, teak, glass, metal and wood coffee tables

Whether they're made from old or new materials or a combination of the two, our coffee tables have a refined design aesthetic that allows them to fit seamlessly into a whole host of modern homes. From pure geometrical shapes to more complicated multi-level pieces, they reflect our company's eye for detail and understanding of contemporary tastes.