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Luxury Dining Tables: Our Products


Why cook masterpieces in the kitchen, only to serve them on an uninspiring, generic dining table? At Pacific Compagnie, we've brought together eye-catching luxury dining table designs from Europe's leading talents, allowing everyone to enjoy their meals in style.


Whatever your lifestyle, our high-end furniture will feature a suitable design. There are smaller tables for couples and those who live alone, as well as larger designs for families and people who love to entertain.


You can slso choose the ideal shape and finish for your table, with round wooden dining table options and square design dining tables all part of the mix. Some can fold up and be put aside for storage, while others extend to accommodate extra diners, and there are oval, rectangular, square and round options too.


With this collection, you can add a dining table to your lounge, and have a smaller one to bring out on special occasions or for dining in a conservatory. Add a designer table to a summer house or terrace, and serve your guests on furniture that can't fail to impress.


A range of boutique furniture brands is represented in our collection. For instance, you'll find square wooden dining table creations from Richard Frinier and Paola Navone, as well as wildly inventive postmodern tables from Javier Mariscal. Whether you're an avid follower of today's design masters or coming at them for the first time, there's sure to be a piece which captures your imagination.


Modern, Designer, Wooden and Marble Dining Tables


Our luxury dining table collection comes in a huge range of styles. The contemporary furniture design scene is diverse and vibrant, and our team have sought out the most impressive new creations for customers to purchase.


If your home's interior has a minimalist feel, you might want to browse our collection of modern black dining table options. Brands like Transatlantik have come up with designs featuring flawless black glass slabs and shock absorbent bases which really make a statement wherever you place them.


Then there are glass-based table designs. The glass dining room table is always a favourite option, and there are some stunning examples in our portfolio. This includes some elegant retro-inspired small square designs from Kross which features a tempered glass surface, as well as some classic Frinier models with frosted tops and braided bronze frames.


In some cases, something more extravagant is required, and that's no problem at Pacific Compagnie. Just have a look at our opulent selection of marble dining table options and you'll surely find something appropriate for a luxury dining space.


And there are also designs that will be ideal for al fresco dining fans. If you need to furnish a patio dining area, something like our teak wooden dining table designs would work well. With their rich natural finish and fine craftsmanship, our teak dining tables add a touch of beauty to gardens and can handle a bit of rain if needed.


Furnish your home with the finest dining tables around


It's important to choose the right dining table. Everyone wants to make guests and family members feel comfortable when they eat, and they want furniture which brightens the room, while harmonising well with the interior style.


That's why we've brought together so many shapes, materials, types of table and expert designers. From cutting edge modern dining table designs to timeless wooden models, we've got every angle covered. If you need a high-end table for your meals, look no further.