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Decorate your garden or balcony in style with a selection from the collection of outdoor chairs and benches from Pacific Compagnie. We offer a wide range of beautiful designer seating products, with DIY garden benches for all types of outdoor setting.

Whether you need a long bench to rest alongside an exterior wall, a bench to use while getting ready to swim, or a small bench for a patio space, you'll find a choice of seats.

All of the furnishings on offer have been created by our talented design partners, who have been granted the freedom to experiment. As a result, buyers can enjoy some truly remarkable designs, which will catch the eye of anyone who visits. But if you want something more traditional, that's fine too. Whatever outdoor seating requirements you have, our bench collection is well worth checking out

Benches: Our products

When you browse our benches you'll be surprised by the amount of variety available. For example, some teak garden benches have been sculpted into outlandish shapes, such as banana forms. These Pop Art influenced benches will add a creative touch to featureless gardens, and provide a delightful element for home owners to enjoy when they relax outside.

There are also some more regular standard benches, but engineered and designed to the highest quality standards. If you want an exceptional rectangular bench without a backrest, there are plenty of versions with natural teak finishes or aluminium powder coatings. Pick from rich natural browns or seductive black tones and find exactly the right mix of colours for your garden. Whether you're creating a romantic atmosphere or a cool, contemporary feel, our furnishings make it easy to achieve.

Alongside these DIY garden benches, you can also choose streamlined rattan or braided carbon frame versions. These benches come with extremely comfortable chalk coloured cushions, which can be easily removed and washed. They can be stored in in cupboards or sheds when not required, and are engineered to be both strong and lightweight - a great combination when you want to move them into the perfect position.


Discover our modern and vintage garden benches

We also make it simple to style outdoor spaces however buyers desire. We've collected together an array of modern and vintage garden benches, providing a choice of themes and aesthetic styles. Just to take one example, if you have a classic garden full of rich flowers and stone paving, pure natural teak will harmonise beautifully, with its fine tones and aromatic qualities.

Burnt oak or black carbon frame designs offer a more contemporary garden bench look, while fitting in perfectly with all kinds of garden layout, while pure white models bridge the gap neatly between modern interiors and conservatories or patios. Choose the right colour, style and materials for your project and make your outdoor spaces shine.

When you've found the right mixture of metal, rattan or teak garden benches, why not go a little further and explore our other categories of outdoor chairs? We've covered every angle in garden design at Pacific Compagnie. With deckchairs, hammocks, loungers, swing chairs and many more outdoor furnishings available, you can ensure that everyone is totally comfortable while using your garden.