Wardrobes and dressings

We offer the possibility of a dream setting with our selection of cabinets colors and styles.Wardrobes and dressing closets are integral parts of any well-planned bedroom. Elegant, spacious and durable, a wardrobe closet is so much more than simply storage space.

Think beautifully constructed armoires and wardrobes that allow you to create the tidy and ordered space you desire while acting as striking focal points. These versatile pieces can also be used to complement other items of bedroom furniture such as the bed, dressing table, chaise longue or bedside tables.

Although wardrobes for bedrooms aren’t a new concept it was only during the 17th century that the word 'wardrobe' came to define the type of clothes storage closet with perhaps a mirror and drawers that we recognise today. In medieval England prior to that, the word often referred to a room or apartment rather than a piece of furniture.

Curiously, the English writer and poet Geoffrey Chaucer even used the term to refer to a lavatory. However, by the start of the 18th century, wardrobes and dressing closets were accepted parts of everyday life and graced bedrooms all over Europe and beyond. 

At that time, wardrobe design was often influenced by European tastes and trends with individual items sporting heavily carved doors and surrounds. As the wardrobe closet evolved, carvings were replaced by intricate marquetry work or veneers.

Now, modern wardrobes and dressers combine all the best classic and contemporary design features and you can choose from a wide range of materials, colours, sizes and styles. Perhaps you want an old wardrobe design to highlight your favourite antique furnishings or maybe you prefer chic, up-to-the-minute lines or pieces with unusual features.

Whatever your personal tastes, you have plenty of scope for experimentation when you explore the latest collection of Indoor Furniture at Pacific Compagnie.  

Wardrobes and dressing closets: our products


Don't be surprised if you find yourself thinking that our wardrobes and dressing closets are too beautiful to be hidden away. Exceptional materials, glorious colours and finishes and eye-catching lines ensure that many of our wardrobe designs for bedrooms look equally sensational in halls, lounges or dining rooms and on landings.

Of course, that's not to say that you can't team our armoires and wardrobes with beds, tables, and chairs to create the sleeping space of your dreams. Romantic shapes and glamorous finishes like polished steel or copper or traditional old wardrobe design favourites made from beautiful natural woods are just some of your options. Pick slim closets and wardrobes for bedrooms where space is at a premium or indulge your fantasies with extravagant materials and generous specifications.

Whether you want a simple cabinet that can double as a bookcase or whether you want spacious storage for clothes, shoes and accessories, you're certain to find your perfect partner among the Indoor Furniture range from Pacific Compagnie.

Our design wardrobes and dressings closets for bedrooms


Choose any of our design wardrobes and closets for bedrooms and prepare to unleash your inner artist. Each of our wardrobes and armoires is built by skilled craftspeople to the highest possible specifications. Discover gorgeous stand-out-from-the-crowd pieces fashioned from covetable materials such as the PC-Royal Galuchat Rouge, a magnificent cabinet made from mahogany and red sharkskin and finished with nickel-plated copper handles.

Or, embrace the ultra-chic lines of the 169 Brass Case with its solid walnut base, mirrored front and back and sophisticated gold-plated brass tube surround. If you prefer classic lines or old wardrobe design, you might like the traditional style 28-Padou. Boasting inner shelves, a bottom drawer and ample hanging space, this timeless wardrobe in varnished oak veneer is certain to be the high point of any bedroom.

Whatever style of design wardrobes and dressing closets appeals to you, we're confident that the current range of Pacific Compagnie Indoor Furniture has you covered. Take a closer look today and transform all your favourite rooms with cabinets, closets and wardrobes that will bring you pleasure for many years to come.