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Practical for everyday use at the end of couch, telephone tables or side tables. Our wide selection will satisfy you.

Designer Side Tables: Our Products

 Side tables are some of the most important piece of furniture in any interior design. They provide essential space to place ornaments, accessories and items like lamps or clocks; they can be placed next to beds and couches, adding a surface for drinks, and they can add to the ambience of a room as well.


Carefully placed designer side tables can complete the arrangement of living rooms, studies, lounges, and even corridors. They can complement your designer couches and coffee tables and fill in space that is hard to fill through other means. That's why good designers tend to use them heavily in their arrangements.


At Pacific Compagnie, we know the value of side tables for living room designs. That's why we've brought together designer talent from across the world, providing a huge selection of beautiful tables for customers to choose. There's sure to be something to meet your design goals and tastes.


Round and Square Side Table for your Living Room


High-quality side tables come in many materials, shapes and sizes. For starters, you can choose between round and square side tables. If you have a corner to fill, a square or rectangular option like the Waterloo could be absolutely ideal. But if you need a freestanding table for the centre of a room, rounded options like our Alphabet-O tables might be more suitable. it all depends on the space to be filled.


Whether you opt for square or round side pieces, the selection will include a variety of designer creations. Some tables like the Dexter or Flemming have been inspired by vintage luggage, adding a touch of character to featureless rooms. And many come with extra shelves underneath the surface or drawers for essentials, so be sure to pick a design with the storage space you need.


Our Designer Tables Come in a Range of Styles


With this collection of side table designs, it's easy to find a piece which slots neatly into the style of your home. For example, if you need a modern side table for a minimalist contemporary room, that's not a problem. Products like the stainless steel Tribute table will enhance most modern-themed rooms, adding extra table space wherever you need it.


The same applies to rustic or vintage home designs. Some side designer items in our living room side tables collection have been inspired by the 18th century masters, with pieces like the Norfolk table using richly coloured oak wood to conjure up the spirit of Thomas Chippendale.


You'll also come across plenty of nested furniture designs. These side tables for living room spaces are ideal for people who have limited space but often need tables to cater for friends or family. And there are some stunning nested designs to choose from.


If you need to fine tune your living room or add some table space to your bedroom, check out our collection of side tables from top contemporary designers. You'll almost certainly find an eye-catching design to suit your home.