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Round Side Tables: Our Products


Almost every interior design finds a use for side tables. These versatile furnishings add extra storage space, can be moved with ease, and provide an accent for spaces, filling empty patches and complementing your tables and couches.


At Pacific Compagnie, we offer a huge variety of rounded side tables to use in your interior design. Available in many different dimensions and materials, our round side tables for living rooms can fit into all kinds of styles. From rooms styled in industrial aesthetic, to rustic farmhouse living spaces, there will be a rounded side table to suit your needs.


So let your creativity flow as you browse our round table collection. You might want to add small round side tables next to TVs or wine cabinets, or you might find that round nesting side tables are the ideal option when guests are expected. Everyone has slightly different tastes and needs. That's why we've gathered together designs from leading contemporary designers. Let's find out more about what they have to offer.


Small and Large Round Side Tables: With and Without Drawers


Our collection of curved side tables can be quickly divided into a couple of categories. Firstly, you'll have to decide whether to go for small or larger designs.


If you go for smaller side tables, there are plenty of choices. For instance, Asterio's small designs have gorgeous gold cantilever bases, creating a drum-like effect. Others use artfully warped brass to create a kind of ripped apart look, while some are elegantly sculpted cylinders which conceal a storage space inside their body.


There's a similar amount of choice when it comes to larger round tables. If you're interior has a two-tone look, our lacquered black side tables might be perfect. If your home has a rich, luxurious theme, larger options like Chess tables topped with mahogany could make a great impression. And on the daring side, there are designs inspired by the Far East, featuring Cambodian craftsmanship which could add exotic appeal to your home.



Our Round Side Tables for Living Rooms and Nesting Side Tables


Another choice is whether to go for round nesting side tables. These handy designs usually feature two or three separate tables, which slot into each other, taking up the same amount of space as the largest table. They can be deployed whenever and wherever you like, so they are ideal for people who have to accommodate parties of friends.


Other choices include round side tables with drawers. If you need to store stationery, papers or other accessories for use in your living room, these functional and beautiful designs will be the right way to go. Many have an antique finish as well, so they will slip smoothly into classic and rustic homes.


From nested designs and tables with drawers to round white side tables or versions styled purely in black, you'll find a diverse selection of round tables for your home at Pacific Compagnie. Shop around and find a table that works for you.