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To decorate your interior and – why not? – your garden, you may feel you need to pay tribute to the beauty of your house or flat. If you have a very elegant property, shouldn't the furnishings and decorative objects that enhance it be in the same category? You are willing to place your trust in major brands, but above all in artisans and designers with a unique touch whose pieces are quite simply exceptional. To help you with your choice, we have brought together many of these products in the pages of our online catalogue.


From sculpture to photography

When you think of exceptional pieces for your interior or exterior, what exactly do you have in mind? Perhaps you don't know yet? If not, we can offer several categories in which you are sure to find what you are looking for. Sculptures, light shades, vases, bowls and masks from the decoration category. Or why not sofas, desks, coffee tables or jukeboxes from our furniture pages? And don't hesitate to look at our painting and photo categories, authentic carousel horses and sculptures.

Indoor Furniture - Create the Perfect Furniture Design

 Whether you've purchased a new house or you need to furnish an apartment, decorating bare spaces can be really tough. From balancing your style ideas with those of your partner to fitting everything you want into tight spaces, all sorts of headaches can arise.


At Pacific Compagnie, we make it simple to source the furniture needed for any interior design project. It doesn't matter how large the space is, we offer luxury products to make it shine. So forget about trudging from shop to shop or buying from multiple online stores. Make things easy by shopping with us.


Discover a Full Range of Premium Furniture for your Interior


Oour collection of interior furniture, lets you implement all sorts of interior styles. For instance, our seating and storage products make it easy to assemble the elements of an urban furniture design. But there are plenty of classic Art Deco and industrial ideas to check out, too.


We also allow customers to adapt designer furniture to meet their specific needs. Every project is different, which is why we offer plenty of custom furniture design options, from living room chairs, extended benches and mobile storage trolleys, to beds and mirrors. So feel free to experiment with a custom sofa design or bespoke table.


Browse the Leading Contemporary Brands

Along with offering the chance to create your own sofa design or create specialist styles, we also offer a simple way to browse the world's most innovative furniture brands.


Wherever you look, you'll find categories crammed with creative ideas that will be tough to resist. Why not add a coffee table sculpture inspired by the world of aviation to your living room? Or you could go for a sculpture table to bring a bit of artistic craft to your home.


Have a look around and start visualising your furniture design. Find the ideal interior design sofa, choose bedding with the right blend of colours and patterns, and let your imagination show the way.