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White, black, rawhide or wood, with or without drawers, our contemporary and classical offices are to be found in our shop. Whether you're furnishing an office space for working at home, or you need a desk for a guest bedroom, Pacific Compagnie have all the options you could wish for. Our furniture collection includes a wide variety of styles, from functional modern desks to elegant antique desks and much more. And with different surface dimensions, adjustable features and extras like shelves or drawers, there's a desk here for every activity.

 Desks are essential for all sorts of work, from creating architects' plans to word processing, graphic design and schoolwork. But they are very different to conventional tables. A good desk needs to be spacious and have enough leg room for adjustable chair heights. It has to provide access for cables and other electronic accessories, and it helps if the surface can be angled as desired.

Beyond those specifications, desks come in all sorts of different versions. Some are purely for professional applications. Others are mainly decorative, and can be used with bedroom mirrors or for storing ornaments in living rooms. In any case, you'll find the desks you need at Pacific Compagnie, so let's look at the collection in a bit more detail.

Desks: Our Products


For starters, the Pacific Compagnie desks collection includes a wealth of practical desks for work situations. If you need to add a work desk to your study, we have the designs required. For example, our range of desks features a variety of glass desks. With their slender worktops, these desks are hardly noticeable in the broader room design, and offer as much space as possible to slide your chair underneath. Their flat, transparent surface is also perfect for working on paper documents and computers, and they tend to be very easy to clean as well.


Other practical desks feature attractive wooden surfaces. If you're looking for a desk to suit a rustic interior, this could be the variety to choose. Again, they focus on practical features, with frames that can easily be moved around rooms, and extra compartments under the work surface to store your keyboard or stationery. In keeping with modern business trends, you'll also find wooden desks made from recycled materials, so you can easily mix work and sustainability.


However, don't get the impression that the Pacific Compagnie desks collection is all about form and utility. There are plenty of attractive designer pieces here that are as beautiful as they are useful. For instance, some blend the richness of mahogany with antique bronze decorations. Others use curving walnut and leather finishes to create a delightful combination, while some mix walnut and brass to achieve wonderful results. Choose materials and textures which suit your interior design and personal tastes. With so many different desk styles, there's something to excite your design imagination.


Our Modern, Design and Vintage Desks


Finding desks to fit into specific design themes is easy at Pacific Compagnie. We have sourced designs which suit popular aesthetic themes, making it easier to slot a desk into your home which really suits its style. Modern desks furnish a great example. Generally sleek and stripped down, designs like the Mao desk have a contemporary slant, which naturally suits most of today's offices and studies.


The same applies to people who prefer an industrial aesthetic. Our collection includes a number of desk designs inspired by the 20th century aviation industry. Imagine sitting down to work at a desk shaped from a fighter plane wing, with riveted aluminium panels that were once thousands of feet up in the air. Or spend your work day at a small rounded desk fashioned from a jet turbine. These kind of imaginative office furnishings are common in the Pacific Compagnie collections.


But you can also source vintage desks as well. Some people prefer to work in a classic early 20th century or even 19th century atmosphere, and we have the desks needed to create the right ambience. Choose Art Deco models studded with brass monocles, or robust oak desks with a timeless appeal. Moreover, if you need to furnish studies, don't forget that you'll find plenty of other furnitures at Pacific Compagnie. From comfortable work chairs to sofas, cabinets, and sideboards, we can help you create the ideal study.