Stools and bar stools

What springs to mind when you hear the words 'bar stools'? Lazy days spent soaking up the sun on the patio as you perch by the bar, cool drink in hand or fun family gatherings with seating for everyone? No piece of furniture is quite as versatile as the bar stool. Colourful plastic bar stools make an imaginative addition to outdoor spaces while chic high-backed seats can often be just the finishing touch you need in the lounge, study, conservatory or kitchen. It's sometimes hard to believe that contemporary style furniture of this calibre sprang from such humble origins. Stools were first used thousands of years ago when the basic design was little more than a simple round seat with three short legs. The classic X-style stool was inspired by the Roman curule and four-legged bench style seats were a natural extension of the form. A few hundred years ago, almost everyone used stools; high-backed chairs being the reserve of the rich and influential. Fast forward to the 21st century and there are covetable bar stools for every setting or occasion at Pacific Compagnie. The traditional low stool is still incredibly popular, for example, particularly when it's fashioned from premium materials and finished to perfection. Perhaps you'll like high bar stools with low backs that vie for attention with sleek, swivel seats and outdoor counter stools. These stylish seats look sensational when teamed with bars, consoles or long tables. Why not take a peek at our full Outdoor Furniture collection to see just how imaginative you can be with something as simple as a bar stool?  

Bar stools: our products

Light, compact, and simple to move around or store, bar stools are among our most popular furniture items. Whether you want to create easy-on-the-eye seating plans or whether you're looking for a stylish chair that will complement other outdoor furniture, bar stools are the ideal solution. Traditional wooden seats and outdoor wicker bar stools look supremely elegant amid planters and garden or patio tables. Likewise, contemporary designs in materials like iron, steel and UVI-resistant LLDPE resin perfectly complement glamorous consoles, tables and bars, including those from our signature Aeronautical Furniture range. Don't be fooled into thinking that bar stools are primarily for outdoor use; our sophisticated plastic seating can be used in any setting. Outdoor counter stools can be quickly moved indoors when you're throwing parties or large family gatherings while those beautiful iron bar stools that you chose for the conservatory will look just as good when you set up a temporary bar by the pool for summer barbecues. Kids love the element of fun that stylish plastic bar stools add to any space while adults will welcome the comfort and flexibility of outdoor swivel bar stools or upholstered outdoor bar chairs.

Our swivel, colourful, and iron outdoor bar stools

With our swivel, colourful, and iron bar stools collections at your fingertips, you can be as adventurous as you wish. Try powder coated aluminium furniture or iron outdoor bar stools if you want seating that can withstand the sun or the occasional shower. Or, create innovative seating plans that will capture the imaginations of your guests with plastic or LLDPE resin stools in eye-catching shapes. You might, for example, channel the classic movie set glamour of films like Casablanca with chic Kare Free bar stools or recreate the effortless style of the world's best rooftop bars with modern pieces like the stackable Inout bar stool in white lacquered aluminium or the magnificent black cast or forged metal Kross. Comfortable high bar stools with natural teak seat panels and anodised steel frames work well both indoors or out while wicker-style woven stools in colourful finishes can be easily moved from place to place as the occasion demands. From kid-friendly seats to outdoor bar chairs that combine comfort and style, you're certain of finding lots of appealing options at Pacific Compagnie.