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Bar furniture, but also a picture characterized by the originality of its forms object set of. Bar cabinet on wheels with variable geometry: four trapezoidal elements allow different developments. Dupont Corian structure, interior stainless steel mirror, fitted shelves, a drawer, a shelf, a retractable cutting board and a small ice cube tray covered with stainless steel mirror.

Bar Decoration Accessories : Our products


If you like the idea of mixing artisan cocktails or pulling pints in the comfort of your own home, adding a private bar is a great interior design option. When you do, why not make your private pub as attractive as possible with our collection of bar decoration accessories?


There are a number of strategies to use when choosing bar decoration. You could go for a sleek, metallic modern look, add vintage elements to conjure up a welcoming atmosphere or rely on soft furnishings to add inviting couches and places to relax with a drink. The home bar decoration products available from Pacific Compagnie let you design the bar of your dreams.


If you don't have much space to play with, our bar cabinet furniture selection will be well worth checking out. In includes a wide range of self-contained bar cabinets with spaces for spirits, glasses, wine bottles and accessories, which can be slotted into almost any living room.


However, for many people, installing a larger bar is essential. If you are going for a full bar design, be sure to check out our wooden bar furniture collection. With our wooden stools, chairs and bar units creating a classy home bar furniture arrangement is easy.


Then again, we also offer less conventional wine bar furniture ideas. For example, imaginative designers have retooled Airbus portholes as bar panelling - just one of many creative ways to add a beautiful bar to your home.