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Embrace the sunshine with our selection of deck chairs and outdoor daybeds. Both the deck chair and the daybed date back to ancient Egypt, and it is clear that we have lost none of our taste for lounging luxuriously as we absorb the summer sun. Throughout the decades, each item has seen its share of reinventions, but the collection on Pacific Compagnie is designed to showcase the cutting edge of modern deck chair and modern daybed design. The deck chair remains a humble addition the outdoor suite yet that is no reason to relent when it comes to an insistence on beauty and impact. Our selection of luxury deck chairs is each created with a keen sense of the modern poolside experience, intended to blend with existing fixtures such as outdoor modern side tables and extendable dining tables. However, the daybed was never meant for anything other than absolute luxury.

Each one of the designs in our collection pulls out all the stops when it comes to dynamic design. There are designs that bring to mind the futuristic influences of science fiction, while also remaining grounded in function by offering a healthy amount of shade when required. These designs abound with a daring use of strong geometric angles edging around wide comfortable seating planes. For those looking for something a little airier, a place to get away from it all without leaving the sun behind entirely, choose a daybed with the sunbrella hovering overhead on stilts. Or when you wish to take on the rays directly, take advantage of a number of elegantly styled outdoor vintage chairs that allow you to sit and read or lay back and experience the warm heat radiate through you.

Clever designs with a bespoke feel

Choose the daybed that suits your needs. There are any number of ways to enjoy one: make a space to get away from it all, choose a spot the allows you to lounge and enjoy the best views in the house, pick a corner with optimum nap conditions. However you choose to use it, make sure you pick the one that speaks to your personal décor style and offers the kind of functionality you need. Why not choose an item that makes the switch from a flat surface to a supported lounger in one easy step? Or maybe you’re looking for something that skirts the line between sofa and recliner. Or perhaps your goal is simply to take the most beautiful seat in the house. Each design in the Pacific Compagnie selection is a tailored creation built with a particular kind of lounger in mind.

A new age of outdoor aesthetic

Sweeping curves and clean lines dominate the design selection of luxury daybeds and outdoor chairs on Pacific Compagnie. Each one is meant to promote a sense of harmony and opulence within the existing environment. Dark muted browns offer a stark and welcome contrast with the blue waters of the pool, while light and airy whites of billowing sunshades bring the mind the age-old structures of nomadic desert tribes. Despite the dedication to creating an impactful aesthetic, due consideration has also been given to functionality, with features such as adjustable frames, retractable shade and mobile wheel attachments incorporated into many of the designs. Choose a better way to interact with the sun and turn your next poolside experience into a festival of friends and finely tanned skin.