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Dressers design, leather, stainless steel to will provide you many features that there are better in terms of storage. To discover in our shop. The term chest of drawers comes from the 17th century development of the traditional chest to include a small receptible built into the chest itself. As such, the modern chest of drawers found on Pacific Compagnie contain hints and nods to the age-old beginnings of this most functional of indoor furniture.

Yet despite this, each one also aims to transcend the expected and offer something that blurs the line between storage and standing art. With a wide variety of material blends and structural architecture on display, the collection is assembled from the minds of some of the most renowned artist and engineers working with some of the most preeminent design houses.

Ranging from statuesque and royalty-worthy offerings coated in lacquer and embossed with detailed filigree, to surreal creations coated in parchment and real crocodile skin to offer an aesthetic that offers undeniable impact, the collection provides something for all tastes and enables homeowners to indulge in a little luxury even when it comes to this practical and space-saving institution.

The chest of drawers offers much more than simple storage space

The luxury chest of drawers needs little to no excuse to find itself ensconced in a range of different decors and locations. A chest garnished in polished brass with a gold finish is welcomed as the centerpiece of a living room suite. A hand carved and ornate chest stands against the wall of an opulent bedroom and adds a secret amount of unobtrusive beauty and character.

A leather coated chest of drawers adds a stolid and dependable functionality to a traditionally styled home, lasting and developing even as the household. The unassuming nature of the chest of drawers is its invitation to a multitude of spaces and myriad of roles. This is perhaps why so many designers take such joy in playing with what can so easily be pigeon-holed as a mundane enterprise.

The complexity of the fittings, the curiosity engendered by unusual material combinations, even the innovation that can be expressed in the way the drawers will be stacked, all of this serves as a creative playground for a global roster of top-tier design talent, and the end result is the striking collection of design chest of drawers on Pacific Compagnie.

A collection that achieves on a number of design frontiers

Form and functionality are the cornerstones of a unique chest of drawers. Yet material experimentation is also a common sight among our collection. Expect to see everything from traditionally worked smoked oak, to polished aluminum combined with buffalo leather and even beveled mirrors worked into solid eucalyptus. This experimental attitude is fostered and supported by some of the most recognizable names in furniture.

The multitude of design ethe that emerge as a consequence offer the excellent versatility evident in the collection. Start to store your finest with a new kind beauty and enjoy the range of luxury chest of drawers assembled on Pacific Compagnie. If beautiful storage is not what you after, why not check out some of our other offerings including indoor and outdoor garden items, centerpieces, and luxury and design display cabinets. Contact us today to find out more about our stock.