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Display cabinets

Display cabinets

Do not hide your dishes or your decorative items, with our selection of showcases for the entire organization of your domestic arrangements, we will reveal a wide range of furniture. The display cabinet is the ideal addition to a home that calls out for an injection of the personal. Display cabinets stands of the frame for your life story, a place to showcase the photos and belongings that are the landmarks of your memories. Or they can become more than the sum of the parts that go into their design and the choice ornaments that come to adorn their shelves. 

In many ways, a beautiful display cabinet is a blank canvas to the budding décor designer or homeowner. It offers a chance to accumulate a winning comination of personal knick knacks or beautiful art pieces. The right display cabinet can take a number of forms. Perhaps the role is to blend into the background, make less noise so that the items that rest on the shelves are allowed to take centre state.

Or it can be the job of the cabinet to integrate with the forms it hosts, to blend and weaves into the set to make something that extends beyond to scope of any individual piece. And then there are cabinets that are art-pieces in themselves, creations so imposing one might be forgiven for leaving their shelves empty so as not to mar their visage in any way.


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The many faces of the perfect display cabinet 

A indoor cabinet can offer as much impact as you have imagination. Consider what you wish to do with one before making a choice in terms of materials and style. Perhaps you wish to showcase a collection of beautiful glass vases supporting a daily renewable collection of floors? Then the right choice of glass display cabinets is an ideal solution, framing the flora with polished aluminium uprights for a clean and modern look.

Perhaps it’s a home for your most prized possessions and personal items, an elecltic collections filled with beautiful seashells, wooden toys and treasured photograpsh. Then opt for the unmistakably rustic charm of a solid wood cabinet designed by artisan and built by master craftsman from a materials such as burnt oak, which keeps and even develops it’s character as it ages. Are you seeking a home for your favourtie tomes?

A bookshelf show be chosen with great care and consideration, where the decorators takes time to decide not only the size and shape of the books that they intend to display herein but also the contrast they will draw with the surrounding fixture. A wooden framework works perfectly with a leatherbound collections, but also adds a rustic charm to a selection of paperbacks whose well-worn and tattered exteriors express the the regard that the owner holds them in more than words ever could.

Display cases that showcase your taste and character through your choices and memories 

At their best, display cases offer a chance to reflect on the items and ornaments that make us feel at home. The expressive use of form and material found here in intended to inspire and create a desire to assemble something beautiful on an equally impactful set of shelves. Pacific Compagnie host a broad selection of display cabinets and other indoor funiture.

Whether you are looking for design chests of drawers to make your kitchen or living room set completely, or a display case to take hold of both your favourite books and your unique art pieces, you’ll find something that connect with the kind of household you want to create for yourself and those that matter most to you. Find out more about the selection of indoor and outdoor funiture on Pacific Compagnie by regularly checking our website or contacting us for more information about our stock.