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Eichholtz: An historic furniture brand

Specializing in the manufacture of furniture, accessories and lighting, the Eichholtz brand was founded 25 years ago in the Netherlands by Theo Eichholtz. It was through his extensive travels abroad that Theo, a connoisseur of art and antiques, was inspired to create a style of interior decoration characterised by a timeless sense of luxury and refinement. While the brand was originally best known in its home country, in recent years its reputation for visual flair and quality craftsmanship has seen it cross borders. Eichholtz has demonstrated the truth of Leonardo da Vinci's saying that "details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail."

Regularly attending international trade shows such as Maison & Objet and Salone del Mobile, the brand exports its creations all over the globe. Today, the interiors of some of the most fashionable and exclusive hotels, restaurants, clubs and private residences in the world are dressed with Eichholtz furniture. Its renown among designers and architects makes it a very popular brand, one which is regularly integrated into the biggest and most high-profile architectural projects. Quality and durability, allied with a rigorously defined aesthetic, is at the heart of its success

Eichholtz: a variety of creative universes

Eichholtz is particularly distinguished by the diversity of its inspirations: classical, rustic, contemporary, modern, industrial and vintage. From French Art Deco to rural Canadian houses, from the gracefulness of Asian palaces to the faded glamour of Golden Age Hollywood mansions, Eichholtz furniture draws on a boldly eclectic range of styles.

Art lovers will discern not only the influence of Cubism, but also the crystal lights and chandeliers that decorate the palace of Versailles. But whatever the historical inspiration, all pieces of Eichholtz furniture have this in common – they are steeped in elegance and modernity.

The essentials of the collection

The Diamond sofa features one of the Eichholtz collection's standout looks. White marble, clear glass and a gold or nickel finish are combined in a shape like a green diamond, to create a piece of jewellery at the foot of your couch. This design is echoed in the Alabaster lantern, an identically shaped light fitting with a steel structure set with resin panels in an alabaster finish.

Let's not forget what is probably one of the most beautiful pieces in the Eichholtz collection, the brand's signature glass mirror in stainless steel with a gold finish. And in addition to the permanent collection, over 900 sumptuous new creations were offered by Eichholtz in 2018 alone. So there's always much more to discover.

Chairs and other seating

The Eichholtz chair selection samples the best of different time periods. The brand's nineteenth century style button-backs and wing chairs are just the thing to lend cosy, picturesque charm to boutique hotels and country inns. Features such as thick, long-wearing buffalo hide and antique brass nails add to their authentic vintage character. You'll also find retro Sixties designs, as well as many looks inspired by Modernism and Art Deco, their swooping, aerodynamic lines upholstered in lustrous faded velvet. The same play of influences is at work in the brand's invitingly curvaceous sofas and chaises longues. And as well as chairs and couches, the collection boasts oversized stools that can double as coffee tables and benches.


Whatever their size, Eichholtz tables blend utility and practicality with strong design principles. If you're looking for an occasional table that can also serve as a statement piece, you can't do better than to browse their selection of designs combining airy geometrical shapes with a minimalist lacquered finish. Many of the brand's coffee tables, meanwhile, marry powerful linear silhouettes with glass and gilt metal for a crisp modern take on luxury living. Turning to side tables, these display the influence of classical architecture in their slim, sophisticated proportions. Furthermore, Eichholtz is also willing to innovate with injection moulded marble resin and other exciting new processes to create organic shapes with a sculptural impact, the perfect, eye-catching focal point for a chic lounge or relaxation area.


Eichholtz offers a particularly inventive and varied selection of light fittings. For those who long to evoke the distant past, there are pieces in the shape of medieval escutcheons crafted from antique brass. Or eighteenth-century style lanterns in dulled bronze with frosted glass panels for a soft glow that seems to take you back to a time before electricity. Such pieces make atmospheric additions to period-themed interiors or buildings with a long history. Nor is there is any shortage of clean, contemporary looks, with the bold lines of Art Deco once again a notable influence on the style of desk lamps and table lights in crystal, gleaming metal and contrasting dark fabrics. Pieces like these can comfortably grace all manner of contemporary interiors from hallways and foyers to studies and master bedrooms. Likewise, ceiling lights range from the elegance of traditional chandeliers to striking angular art pieces in nickel and smoked glass.


The brand can also supply a broad array of smaller pieces for livening up interiors. From champagne buckets in hand-cut glass to equestrian-themed desk accessories, from bowls decorated with eye-catching details to chic jewellery boxes, these are pieces that add value and pleasure to everyday moments, whether it's enjoying an evening drink or keeping up with your correspondence. Flowers vases mix sturdy bronze and granite with elegant hand-blown glass, looking equally good whether on their own or filled with floral arrangements. There are also lots of mirrors to choose from, featuring striking patterned designs and slender, elegant frames in metal or wood. The collection even stretches to realistic animal sculptures in bronze that recall the traditions of the French “animalier” school. Further evidence, if any were needed, that Eichholtz can satisfy all of your design needs.