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Stainless steel, leather, glass, with or without drawers, our many consoles will satisfy you to arrange your interior. To discover in our shop. Console tables are one of the most versatile table solutions for a home. Chic and elegant by their very nature, their less than clearly defined role within the home makes them something of a playhouse when it comes to the inventiveness of top-tier furniture designers. From the statuesque to the traditional and even the audacious, the collection of console tables from Pacific Compagnie is delivered straight from the minds of globally renowned designers with a penchant for filling up a secret corner with something totally unexpected. The console table is the yet-to-be discovered treasure, the little surprise that homeowners can’t wait for their guests to happen across all on their own.

Here you find such furniture diamonds as a golden-leaf plated table design inspired by the monoliths of the ancient Celts, or a single glass plate penetrated by timber trunks that look as if they have just broken the surface of a pristine lake. With the Pacific Compagnie collection, the traditional is left behind and each new design seeks to breach a new frontier of creative design. Bespoke is very much the name of the game and no two pieces will inspire and delight in quite the same way as another.

A profound way to make and unexpected statement in your décor scheme

The design console table or luxury console table is not something created with storage capacity and function in mind. The goal is to dazzle and intrigue, set off a décor set with aplomb, or perhaps even create contrast in a décor that is a little less dynamic. That said, one should take time to consider the location and position of each piece, deciding on how the form will befit the space, how the material will interact with the surroundings and how the additional surface space can benefit the flow of the household as a whole.

Luxury console tables are at their best when adding flourishes to unbroken lines and lengthy installations, such as breaking up the space that runs along the side of a hallway, or making an unexpected appearance at the back of a long sofa. The material selection in the Pacific Compagnie collection is breath-taking in its range, including gold and metal console tables, crystal baccarat-topped pieces, polished hardwood and more. The inherent properties of the material are played with and the normal limits are often exceeded when it comes to molding new and unforeseen forms. Twisted panes of glass defy the eyes ability to follow lines, and devious patterns hypnotize and draw attention inward.

Make the most of every space with a dazzling console table from Pacific Compagnie

While the collection of console tables found within the collection deny simple categorization in terms of style and design ethos, there is a myriad of blended styles inherent in each piece. Expect to find combination pieces that mix the asymmetrical geometry of modern furniture with the primitive simplicity of colonial design. Hybrid pieces abound and yet each one seeks to stand alone as a new kind of innovation.

Choose to add something daring into the unwanted spaces of your home with the collection of console tables on Pacific Compagnie. If you’re looking to expand your furniture arrangement even further, why not check out our range of luxury dining tables and other furniture. Each collection features inspired creations from top design houses such as Zen, Catlina and Treateaux.