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We put at your disposal a wide choice original and nuanced for the rest of your feet and your legs letters, cubes, metal, wood, fabrics. ...

Every interior design has its awkward spaces. When you've added designer furniture, cabinets and tables, there are always places with a little extra space to fill. In these situations, the end tables at Pacific Compagnie will be just what you need.

 These small tables are designed to fill in the gaps, offering small surfaces for items like coffee cups or plates. They can be used anywhere in the home - whether you deploy them beside living room sofas, or next to beds. And as you'll find when you put together the home of your dreams, very few people can do without them.

 Our collection of end tables ranges across all styles and materials. If you're crafting a contemporary interior, our modern end tables will be ideal, but we also offer rustic end tables for classical homes. Round, metal, and even alphabet and letters end tables are all part of the mix. So have a look around until you find the perfect table for your needs.


 End Tables: Our Products


When you dive into our end tables collection, you'll find a diverse blend of styles. For instance, the materials used to create these end tables varies considerably. Some employ petrified magnolia wood, creating an organic, magical look. In those wood end tables, each product is totally unique, presenting a grain pattern that can be found nowhere else.


Other tables take a more mechanical approach, using metal elements cleverly to construct more contemporary looks. This could include using slender metal struts with a gold finish and tempered glass to conjure up tables which resemble geodesic structures. Or it could involve wrapping cylindrical structures with chrome cladding, creating a visually striking reflective surface. In any case, if you're seeking something structurally inventive to adorn your home, these metal end tables will provide it.


Then there are end tables which make colour their guiding principle. These tables are intended to inject a burst of energy into homes, and are perfect for postmodern interiors where playfulness and humour are all-important. Some also use driftwood imaginatively, blending branches of found wood with acrylic glass and LEDs to create tables which offer a mysterious glow. With their small size, they can be tucked away in cupboards when not required, then arranged for social events, adding a touch of fun.


Structurally ,designs vary from solid blocks of material to cantilever frames, folded wood and cylinders, to metal boxes and round end tables. You'll find lightweight options that can be moved around the home with ease, alongside more solid tables that mix style and durability. Their heights vary as well, so be sure to pick one which suits the height of your armchair or bed. With the choices on offer, that shouldn't be a problem.


 Our Modern, Design and Vintage End Tables


End tables don't just come in different shapes, heights and materials - they are also designed to suit the kinds of design themes used by today's interior architects. So, whether you're shooting for a contemporary appearance or you love to be surrounded by vintage furniture, you'll find the right end tables.


As we mentioned earlier, some come postmodern versions come with vibrant colours and features like LEDs, while alphabet and letters end tables are great fun as well. If you need something more sober, they are complemented by modern end tables with sleek metal and glass designs. Any of them will slip effortlessly into industrial-style interiors, offices and minimalist home designs.


However, our range also encompasses some excellent vintage end tables as well. Models with black resin surfaces and gold-finished frames have a classic Art Deco feel. Others use solid oak to great effect, creating tables with rugged features that will last for decades (if not longer). And there are also glass-topped metal end tables which use gunmetal well. So, whether you are creating a 1930s style bar or a 19th century salon, there should be end tables to suit your aesthetic.


When you are crafting a high-quality interior design, end tables are an invaluable ally. But they aren't alone. When picking your furnishings be sure to check out our other indoor furnitures to ensure a harmonious blend.