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Add some stylish loungers to your outdoor furnitures collection with a selection from the Pacific Compagnie catalogue. We offer a wide variety of outdoor seating products, including sunbeds, deck chairs and plenty of loungers. And we try to mix style and function with every piece in our collection. Each item has been crafted by a leading contemporary designer, ensuring both good looks and premium features - exactly what is required for high-end garden designs.


Generally taking the form of long rectangular seats with adjustable hinged panels, loungers are the ideal place to stretch out and unwind as the sun beats down. They can be placed on balconies, patios, lawns, or swimming pool terraces, or even deployed on private beaches, making them handy for home owners and hotel operators alike.


High-quality sun loungers go well beyond conventional options that you'll find at standard retailers. As you'll see when you explore the Pacific Compagnie listings, our design deck chairs use premium materials like teak or hand-woven wicker, come with superbly comfortable but waterproof soft furnishings, and are designed to blend attractive looks with durability. All of these reasons make it essential to source the finest outdoor furniture products available.

Loungers: our products


If you're seeking elite furnishings for your exterior design, we have all of the options you could need. Our sun lounger designs come in a range of different formats and styles, and it's important to pick the right one for your needs.


For example, colour is a major consideration when picking a lounger from Pacific Compagnie. It's essential to find chairs which blend into the masonry and natural elements of your garden, and not all tones will be appropriate. But our design partners have taken the desires of home owners into account, and chosen colours which work perfect for most exterior setups.


White is one extremely popular option. Some loungers combine nautic leather and powder coated anodised aluminium to great effect, creating an all-white look which contrasts beautifully with the blue of pool or rich natural greens. Others have chosen to mix golden teak wood with durable but comfortable black textiles. And some juxtapose cool greys for the soft furnishings, with black or white frames. Check the tone to make sure it matches your paving or wooden patio, and you're sure to find the perfect fit.


Our beach lounger collection also features a choice of different constructions. Some come with ultra-lightweight aluminium frames and castors, making them extremely mobile. That way, you can wheel them out onto the sand and back to storage with ease, or place them in the sun as it passes overhead - making the most of fine weather. Others have hydraulic pumps to raise their seats into position, so you can calibrate your chair to make it as comfortable as possible.


Customers can also choose between mobile and semi-permanent outdoor loungers. If you need to store your loungers over the winter in a cabinet or shed, our folding designs will be the right way to go. On the other hand there are daybeds made from polyethylene fibres which can remain in place in all seasons (as long as the soft furnishings are stored elsewhere).


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Materials and styles are other things to think about when choosing a premium outdoor seat from the Pacific Compagnie collection. In terms of materials, you'll have no shortage of options.


Many loungers are fashioned from metals like anodised aluminium or stainless steel, giving them extra strength and minimising the size of their frames. Others choose attractive woods like oak or teak, for a more organic feel. And plastic or resin weaves are also available. This tends to include some of the more imaginative shapes, as these plastics can be formed easily into all sorts of curves and angles.


Finally, you'll find sun lounger designs in a variety of styles. For instance, Kolorado design deck chairs feature eye-catching curves in a mid-20th century modernist style. Leaf chairs have a more playful, postmodern feel, while Panama loungers have classic forms which could have appeared on beach terraces in 1920s Miami. So choose pieces which suit your tastes. Whatever style you adore, there are bound to be loungers to fit your project.