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Did you know that almost any open space can be improved with well-placed outdoor coffee tables? Imagine your patio, terrace or poolside area furnished with elegant sun loungers, console tables, sturdy benches or stylish chairs and stools. Right away, you can see that one essential element is missing - a modern outdoor coffee table. Coffee tables can be placed beside sofas, sunbeds or chairs to create practical but eye-catching seating plans.

Once you've helped yourself to some food or a cool drink from the console table and settled back in your chair, you're sure to realise that a glass outdoor coffee table would be a great addition to your patio or garden furniture layout. Not only do marble and metal outdoor coffee tables look chic and sophisticated, they offer you and your guests the perfect place for drinks, books, sunglasses, sunscreen, phones, keys and all those other essentials that you want to keep within reach.  Unlike dining tables and console tables, which generally stay in one location over the summer months, outdoor coffee tables can be easily moved from place to place as the occasion demands.

Whether you prefer square and oval outdoor tables that mirror the shape of your pool, or whether you like the idea of a classic wood outdoor coffee table, you'll find lots of beautiful and inspiring pieces in the current collection of Outdoor Furniture at Pacific Compagnie.

Outdoor coffee table: our products

At Pacific Compagnie, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients high-quality designer furniture that is both good to look at and practical. Our range of modern outdoor coffee tables, for example. Each piece has been chosen for its impeccable design features and for its durability and versatility. You're able to easily find the table that's right for you. Perhaps you want a large wood outdoor coffee table that can withstand a few knocks from children's books, bags and toys or maybe marble or metal outdoor coffee tables that can double as benches for swimsuits and towels appeal to you.

Create intimate corners with a couple of folding armchairs and a gleaming glass outdoor coffee table or use a few in groups for parties and other special occasions. Monochrome never goes out of fashion and white and black outdoor coffee tables look amazing in contemporary style seating areas or with colourful chairs. After all, you can be as creative as you wish with a Pacific Compagnie outdoor coffee table.

Our modern, marble, metal and designer coffee tables

Marble and metal outdoor coffee tables are among our most popular products. Built from durable materials that can withstand the elements, these modern outdoor coffee tables add a touch of contemporary elegance to leafy terraces, tiled pool areas or decking covered patios.  Take the beautifully fashioned INOUT designer coffee table, for example. Its rich teak frame supports a removable recessed top made from authentic Carrara marble or Carniglia stone. Or, why not choose one of our chic square and oval tables such as the NEPTUNE square coffee table by Vlaemynck.

Its anthracite coated aluminium frame is topped by either tempered glass or a composite aluminium Alu Panel ® in a choice of seven shades. A glass outdoor coffee table always looks good, whatever your style of décor or size of space. Glass instantly adds an airy and spacious feel so it’s a smart choice for more compact areas. Alternatively, you may like to experiment with unusual combinations; the INOKS white and black outdoor coffee table by Eric Carrère for Sifas is made from stainless steel and hemp, and, it's stackable so it's perfect for evening get-togethers or brunch parties. 

With so many gorgeous designer outdoor coffee tables to choose from at Pacific Compagnie, you're free to create inviting spaces that reflect your personality and sense of style.