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If you prefer home décor and furniture that is as individual and creative as you, our Originales coffee tables and lounger collection is sure to be of interest. As its name suggests, the range includes original pieces that are both innovative and attractive. For example, Originales coffee tables from the FAZ collection by VONDOM will brighten up any patio or terrace. Don't be fooled by their elegant curves and sleek lines, they are as practical and durable as they are easy on the eye. Imagine having a table that could be used as a sun lounger or vice versa. Not only do you have a comfortable place to soak up the sun, but an Originales coffee lounger also provides you with a generously proportioned coffee table whenever you wish.

Combining chic contemporary lines with some surprising attributes, our Originales coffee sofas are beautiful to look at and fun to use. Sit and enjoy the sunshine or make the most of a clever table with a central well for essentials. Designed to make life a little easier, these luxurious and innovative coffee tables are a great way to refresh or update outdoor spaces. Why not take a look at our full collection of Originales coffee tables? You'll find lots of tempting pieces alongside a vast range of other outdoor coffee tables in our Outdoor Furniture section.

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Originales coffee tables enhance any outdoor setting, from shady corners sheltered by trees and mature plants in the garden to stylish tiled areas by the pool. If you’re looking for outdoor furniture for a larger space, you can splash out with elegant seating plans and combinations of Originales coffee sofas and loungers. Your eyes can’t help but be drawn to the Originales coffee lounger from the FAZ range with its sleek geometric lines and sophisticated angles. Now imagine a few of them by your dazzling blue swimming pool. You might place other outdoor coffee tables between each to create an inviting sunbathing and post or pre-swim area. Or, try placing them on a slight diagonal for even more impact. If space is limited, you might simply set one or two Originales coffee sofas against walls at right angles. Or, simply choose a couple of chairs or stools and place them by one of our beautiful Originales coffee tables to create an intimate breakfast or supper nook for two. And, of course, you can personalise your seating plans further with cushions, accessories or other items from our Indoor Furniture collection.

Our innovative and unusual Originales coffee tables

Few other outdoor coffee tables are quite as versatile as those in the Originales range. The FAZ collection, for example. Designed by Ramon Esteve for Vondom and available at Pacific Compagnie, each exciting piece is aesthetically pleasing, practical and durable. Made to the highest standards and finished to an exceptional level. Your Originales coffee sofas, tables and loungers are full of surprises. Fashioned from brilliant white LLDPE resin and available in a wide choice of finishes, this lightweight outdoor furniture is UVI and impact resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. Pre-drilled drainage holes in discreet places on Originales coffee loungers ensure that you're not greeted with a wet patch after rain showers. And, although you can expect any of the Originales coffee tables in the FAZ collection featured at Pacific Compagnie to bring you pleasure for many years to come, it's still good to know that they are 100% recyclable. If you'd like to make your poolside, terrace or garden stand out, now is the perfect time to explore our Originales coffee sofas and tables collection.