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We offer you a wide selection of chairs, since time immemorial, it has been a figure in the furniture all the great civilizations, the chair is available in all possible colors and all imaginable materials. ...

Design armchair: our product


The world-renowned designer and architect Mies Van der Rohe once intimated that the design challenge presented by the armchair was greater than that of a skyscraper. We have never shied away from a challenge and our selection of designer chairs all aim to embrace the paradox at the heart of a great armchair. What Van der Rohe was trying to express was the complexity involved in creating an everyday item that expresses great beauty while also adhering to a functional requirement. Each modern armchair in our collection is tailored to fit and enhance a certain type of decor while also meeting the needs of tired homeowners who simply want to lounge and sink deep into a relaxing and forgetful experience. Whether it is a luxury armchair or something more prosaic, our intent is to offer something that is truly unique and stylistically fashion-forward. Customers are invited to browse through an impressive collection of idiosyncratic designs that range from refined items that offer simplicity and elegance in order to become an avatar of a 'less is more' ethos, to resplendent creations that dazzle and impress while still managing to profess an image of mental comfort that draws the viewer in and subtly invites them to connect. Our range of items includes a large selection of shapes and sizes so that you can find the ideal item to blend with the lines and materials of your current decor plan. However, we never recommend a choice that is based solely on what matches the existing palette, which is why we only choose design armchairs that are imbued with a sense of personality, something that will resonate and create a bond between the owner, one that is unmistakable and goes beyond the simple aesthetic. So whether you are looking for a modern white armchair for a pristine colour scheme, or designer leather armchairs that offer instant opulence and sleek style as well as a background of durability and maintainability, you can find it and more right here in our selection of designer armchairs.


Our different types of armchairs


Our collection of armchairs is comprehensive in its ability to offer both traditional designs as well as modern updates on the old themes. Here you can find the timeless elegance of the wingback chair, an age-old design date as far back as the 1600s, updated with modern materials such as designer fabric and coloured leather. Or choose one of our club chairs, which are imbibed and reinvented using a range of unorthodox styles and materials. They take the form of everything from throne-esque creations forged of faceted planes into the shape of a skull, to simple, minimalist designed comprised of smooth leather and metal. No two pieces are alike and each one is made by master craftsmen with years of experience shaping and combining the materials in question.


The use of wood: A great many of our designs incorporate high-grade solid wood into their construction, some using it as a design feature and aesthetic choice in itself, others implementing it as a sturdy yet flexible base. Though its use in furniture making dates back to ancient times, it is still favoured by most top designers for its ability to be shaped, polished and played with to create an incredible vision that consistently delivers on impact. A part of its appeal is its role as the living artifice within the piece, something that expresses the heritage of its growth in the grain of its inner core. Each timber element in our collection of wooden armchairs has been attended to by a master carpenter, and we only choose the finest woods, such as solid cedar wood and birch, to create something truly unique. The aim is often to create something that blurs the line between naturally occurring seats made for organic lines, and intentional artifice expressed in sharp lines and smooth planes.


Whether you intend to interlace you existing decor with a designer armchair that forges its aesthetic from the natural or the synthetic, you will find something that speaks to your individual styles in our collection of modern luxury armchairs.