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Lacquered or painted wood, metal or marble, aluminum ... you only have to choose from! If you need storage, opt for a room with several bedside drawers.

A bedside table is undoubtedly one of the most useful pieces of furniture you'll ever own. It's easy to overlook the charms of these versatile pieces, but having your essentials within arms reach while reclining in bed is truly satisfying. When you choose a Pacific Compagnie bedside table (or two) you never have to compromise on style. You'll discover so many exciting designs that are both chic and practical in our latest collections. Whether you're after small bedside tables, a gold bedside table or the best vintage bedside tables, we have you covered. Bedside tables aren't a new invention, of course. Where else did people place their oil lamps or lanterns after dark in the 17th century? Antique bedside tables dating from around the mid-18th century doubled as cabinets or drawers and most were made from noble woods such as burnished walnut and mahogany. In Georgian times, the small bedside table was popular.

Some had a single cabinet while others incorporated useful features like a wash bowl or commode. Today, our modern bedside tables are indispensable when you want somewhere to keep your book, tablet or reading glasses - although most don't feature a commode! However, you will find everything you need to personalise your bedside table in our other Indoor Furniture collection at Pacific Compagnie.

Modern bedside tables: our products

There are so many beautiful bedside tables to choose from these days. Pick a small bedside table for use with single beds in kid's rooms or when you want to maximise on space. Or, if you're furnishing the master bedroom, why not add a pair of white bedside tables for instant freshness? There are modern bedside tables to fit all of your needs, whether you want a simple wooden bedside table to hold a nightlight, baby monitor or lamp or whether you'd prefer a more complex design with shelves or drawers. A gold bedside table exudes glamour and elegance and will work with all types of décor.

Likewise, those who love traditional designs will discover that antique bedside tables are a luxurious and eye-catching addition to rooms of any size. Try a glass bedside table for a clean contemporary feel or pick a sturdy metal-framed or wooden bedside table for a more masculine effect. Most people place their bedside tables to either side of the headboard. However, they also look great by windows or as an extra storage unit next to dressing tables and cabinets.

Our modern, designer and antique bedside table collection

The modern bedside table can be made of anything from polished or lacquered wood to marble, coated metal or aluminium. If you're searching for a gold bedside table you might like the 145-BRASS TUBES nightstand, a striking piece made of polished brass tubing. Or, for an equally bold look, the FORTNOX in solid wood with a glossy black lacquered finish has a gleaming golden base. Maybe you want plenty of space for cosmetics, papers, books, phones and other items. The 145-EXCEPTIONAL DRAWERS is comprised of several drawers layered over each other and beautifully handcrafted from various woods including luxurious ebony and bird's eye maple.

Perhaps your eye will be drawn to the 119-STORMY. It's a great choice if you have your heart set on a white bedroom table that combines simplicity with the best of vintage-style design. Made of solid mahogany and featuring elegantly tapered sabre feet, it's also available in black. Whatever type of modern or antique bedside table you have in mind, we're sure that you'll be pleasantly surprised by the vast range of styles available at Pacific Compagnie.