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Sideboards we offer have a simple design that will fit without difficulty in your contemporary decor, design or traditional, thin and light they are to be found in our shop.

Sideboards and buffets are essential items in virtually all interior designs. These vital furnishings lie up against walls, turning empty space into somewhere to serve guests, store drinks, or display ornaments. But they are more than just practical indoor furnitures. The sideboards from Pacific Compagnie are also exceptional works of modern design, adding aesthetic appeal wherever they are placed.


Choose the perfect sideboard for your project. If you need something for a dining room or bar, you'll find plenty of lower profile options with cabinets for drinks bottles and glasses, as well as drawers for essentials like bottle openers and cutlery. But there are also sideboards here for studies - with the storage space required to stash printer paper and ink cartridges, along with key documents and computer accessories.


Other sideboards are more suited to bedrooms, with their large cavities which seem made for storing coats or footwear collections. Others are simply ideal for living rooms. With their visual appeal and carefully chosen dimensions, they can be slotted in underneath your favourite paintings or alongside your television. That way, you can always find your DVDs or magazines, and you won't need to leave them loose on shelves or tables.


Sideboards: Our Products


The collection of sideboards from Pacific Compagnie covers a huge amount of ground, with small, medium sized and large options all part of the mix. So take measurements of the space you need to furnish and take a look at our sideboard collection. Designs vary from horizontal designs stretching for almost 4 metres, to vertical cabinets with four layers of drawers. Every home is different, so pick a shape and size that works for you.


It's also important to choose materials and textures which fit into your project. That shouldn't be hard given the variety of materials used by our designers. For example, some cabinets rely on reflective mirrors around their edges, while others keep things natural with walnut, oak or mahogany panels. Others use leather coverings to add a dash of luxury, or polished brass to create a charming retro-look.


It's also handy to bear in mind that our sideboards often also come as part of wider sets. So if you need a number of storage products for your home, you can assemble a collection of pieces with a unified style. That way you won't disrupt the harmony of your furnishing collection. For example, you could combine rectangular walnut consoles with round-edged walnut designs to great effect. With the blend of materials and colours available from Pacific Compagnie, finding the right combinations is easy.


Our Modern and Antique Sideboards


We also offer sideboards and buffets in a huge variety of styles. That's the beauty of Pacific Compagnie's furniture collection. For example, if you are creating a luxurious interior filled with tropical hardwoods, leather panelling, gold finished elements and rare animal skins, we have the antique sideboards and buffets required. Add some furnishings featuring lacquered mahogany or the delicate texture of walnut, and they will enhance your home's look instantly.


On the other hand, our collection also includes a wealth of modern sideboards. These furnishings focus less on premium materials and striking veneers, preferring to emphasise structure and purity. The Verona sideboard is just one example. With its bright white colours and engineered compressed fibre drawers, it has visual appeal and keeps the weight as low as possible, so you can easily move it wherever it makes most sense.


Then there are sideboards which defy categorisation. Our designers have been granted the freedom to experiment, and that's exactly what they have done. Some feature steel grating inspired by industrial installations, others use lacquer to create exotic, mystical patterns, and some employ geometric shapes to create jagged, unusual forms. If you love unique furnishings, there's surely something to meet your needs here.


Sideboards shouldn't be an afterthought when putting together your interior design. In fact, they can actually be a centrepiece of your living or dining rooms. With the designer sideboards available from Pacific Compagnie, you can cover walls, add storage space and make your interiors even more visually impressive.