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Soft furnishings are the crowning glory of any home interior. It doesn't matter how beautiful your furniture, floors or artistic decorations, a collection of throws and cushions is absolutely essential to create a harmonious design.


At Pacific Compagnie, we've gathered together a wide selection of throws and pillows, allowing our customers to put together stunningly luxurious or impressively minimalist interiors. Whether you want to look back to the 18th century Baroque or you are influenced by Scandinavian design, you'll find soft furnishings to fit into your project.


From modern and designer throw pillows to black and white cushions and gorgeous multicolor pillows, these items will serve as the finishing touch to homes and apartment. So if your rooms are missing texture or colour, we have designs that will banish blandness forever, converting dull, featureless rooms into wonderful places to spend time.


Pillows and throw accessories: our products


For starters, our collection of modern throw pillows will be perfect for laid back contemporary lounges and living rooms. Wherever you need aesthetically impressive elements that keep up with the quality of your furniture, these cushions and pillows will do the job.


Options include a variety of square and rectangular pillows with black and white colour schemes. Possessing eye-catching geometric patterns and often stuffed with genuine duck feathers, these cushions feel soft and welcoming, and look exceptional when they are not in use. Patterns range from zig-zags and hexagon chains, through to maze like diagrams, so it should be easy to choose a cushion to suit the lines of your floor or couches. Some also feature cowhide that has been artfully dyed with zebra stripes - giving a delightful touch of the exotic to any interior.


However, black and white cushions are far from the only options for those who need customized pillows for their lounge. For example, some of the most impressive items in the collection feature rich burgundy velvet fabrics and hand embroidered gold thread decorations. These regal cushions will look the part in upscale apartments, making an instant impact on anyone who visits.


The same applies to our cushions fashioned from real springbok fur, endowing them with a gorgeously soft feel. If you need to sink into a pile of designer cushions after a long day of work, they will be the perfect choice. But there are also lighter, vividly decorated multicolor pillows. In a matter of seconds, their orange or red colours will add energy to tired interiors.


Small, modern, vintage and designer throws and pillows

As you can see, Pacific Compagnie offer a huge variety of classic and modern throw pillows, allowing you to assemble a collection of soft furnishings which represents the ultimate in indulgence. When you do so, be sure to check the sizes of pillows and cushions, as our range includes plenty of different dimensions. Another great idea is to combine a selection of our pillows with choices from our plaids or indoor carpets. That way, you can add as much comfort and luxury to your home as possible.


With the right portfolio of soft furnishings, you will be well on the way to creating an exceptional interior design. But why stop at designer throw pillows or plaids? We also stock a huge selection of other accessories which will harmonise with your cushions, making the overall effect much more powerful.


For instance, springbok cushions could be combined with high-quality leopard print wall decorations, while modern pillows would look fantastic alongside our prints of pop stars and actors. And we also stock plenty of indoor decoration ideas, such as ornamental animals. Placed alongside designer cushions, these figurines could look superb, so feel free to experiment as you assemble your ideal interior.


Finally, our pillows and cushions can also be used outside (just remember to pack them away if the rain starts to fall). In this case, why not combine them with designer candle holders? Our lanterns will let you create atmospheric outdoor spaces, while a pile of cushions can let everyone relax in total comfort.


In any case, Pacific Compagnie offer a variety of soft furnishings. Whether you're missing a key ingredient for your home or planning a total renovation, this collection is the place to start your search.