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One of our main goals in choosing furniture for the Pacific Compagnie collection is to fulfil a desire to bring people closer together into a setting that has an atmosphere of comfort and enjoyment. A central element in such a state in any home or business is a dining table that encourages just that; something that makes the first step towards a gathering. The collection of antique and contemporary dining tables found herein is something we believe to be suited to achieving just that. Here you’ll find outdoor dining tables in a variety of styles, with extendable functions that enable you to transform your garden dinner into a vibrant party with a simple move of the hidden leaves. Many of our wood dining tables offer rustic appeal while others take this traditional material and transform it into the stuff of luxury dining tables, complete with a polished shine that highlights the natural grain and beauty of the timber.

A variety of designers are brought together, with some names renowned for their dedication to tried and tested principles of beautiful design and others heralded for their willingness and ability to dispense with traditional formats and aim for something wholly original. No matter the home, no matter the occasion, there is an item here that will serve to not only fit the bill but also stand on its own as a work of artisanry that will enhance the aesthetic of the established décor. Many items are handcrafted by masters, while other blend cutting-edge materials into the chic style of a modern dining table.Each one is infused and engineered with the essence of bespoke design, presenting with original characteristics that allow it to stand well clear of the average when it comes to impact.

Elegance, ingenuity, warmth, flow, each fundamental of furniture design is taken and weighted carefully in every table to create a totally unique blend that is more than the sum of its parts.For dinners, lunches, friends or family, a dining table is always a difficult choice, too, let yourself be tempted by our special selection in different colors, different materials, from the simplest to the most advanced ...

Choosing the shape and style that fits your location

Variety is a central feature on this selection. This starts with the number of different shapes and sizes on offer. For those who embrace the role of host and like to put on a large scale gathering, the simple, linear beauty of a polished rectangular table is a good option. Matching well with the structure of most rooms, they offer a large number of seated places with a prominent position for a host or a guest of honor. Our round tables keep things more democratic, offering a beautiful setting where each person seated feels nearby and on equal footing. Or take the simple geometry of a sqaure table and get up close and personal with three other friends. But then perhaps you are looking for something more solitary, away from the hustle and bustle of the interior? Check out our range of outdoor contemporary and luxury sides tables that will help you get away from it all for a quiet moment in the back garden.

Breaking new boundaries when it comes to form

Nothing is off-limits with it comes to style and shape. While some designers chosen for this collection deliberately subvert traditional styles in subtle ways, other have elected to pursue a total overhaul. Here you find everything on the design spectrum, from cozy square tables with polished walnut legs, to waxed iron sheets atop a trunk of solid wrightia wood. For those seeking something more vintage for outdoor parisian furnitures, there is a range of elegant and traditional creations that still manage to offer something fresh thanks to an unrelenting dedication to detail and quality. Prepare to ask more of your home and set the stage for the future of your home experience with a design piece dining table from the Pacific Compagnie collection.