Finding the right mix of decorative elements is one of the great interior design challenges. Unless you are trying to create a minimalist look for your home, adding accessories and decorative features is a must, and Pacific Compagnie offers a wide range of products that can add character to your home design. This includes a variety of finely made columns, which could round off living rooms, conservatories or gardens alike.

The Romans and Greeks knew the value of columns, incorporating them into their most beautiful architecture. And since then, palaces, stately homes and grand public buildings have all relied on columns to create a sense of power and harmony. Thanks to our interior decoration collection, home owners can do the same. With our diverse mix of antique-style and utterly modern columns and pedestals, you can emulate the wisdom of history's greatest architects, and add elegance to your home in the process.

Decorative columns: Our products

Our columns and pedestal collection includes a wide variety of styles for designers to choose from, so it's worth spending some time browsing the full range to find colours, sizes and shapes which harmonise with the layout and appearance of your home.

For example, many of our columns come in impressive dark colours. These classic columns tend to be composed of painted mahogany or other hardwoods, with rich waxed finishes, lending them a flawless - almost dazzling appearance. They vary in size, so if you need an accessible height for placing ornaments or foliage, choose the right elevation. And along with black, they are also available in pure white. Whiter columns may be more suitable to modern home styles, while black suits vintage or rustic homes, but it's important to experiment to find the ideal blend.

Alongside wooden columns, we offer marble columns with bootstrap elements, which can form a beautiful contrast. But boostraps aren't always present in our marble columns, with some featuring finely wound spiral decorations. Moreover, our design partners have also used imitation marble to exceptional effect, coming up with some dazzling white and black marble columns that are almost impossible to distinguish from authentic materials.

Finally, we stock a collection of pedestal and column designs that are harder to categorise. For instance, some outdoor garden pedestals feature bright blue resin moorings and elegantly carved wooden bodies that have been inspired by 18th century Venice. There are glass pedestal designs which would be the ideal place to display your favourite decorations item, and we also offer simpler wooden pedestal designs. Made from rare tropical woods like Molave, these attractive decorations would instantly add some natural splendor to home interiors, whether they are placed in living rooms, dining spaces or conservatories.


Marble, wood and vintage colums for your home

How can you use our designer vintage columns and garden pedestals to enhance interior and exterior designs? Actually, these decorations have immense potential for designers to explore. For one thing, our antique columns can add gravity and power to luxurious home designs. If your design revolves around gold leaf elements and impressive wooden furnishings, adding beautiful columns could be a natural way to add structure to larger rooms. A set of columns placed evenly around a room can also be the perfect setting for flowers or climbing plants, which look superb when trained around marble or white mahogany.

On the other hand, our columns can also be deployed in outdoor settings with great success. In this case, shorter garden columns can be located on the corners of paths or alongside features like ponds or pools. Lights can be placed on top of them, providing a source of illumination for evening entertainment, or they can be crowned with sculptures that you love. Columns are the ideal place to display beautiful items where everyone can see them. So don't hide away your finest ornaments. Give them a setting they deserve. If you need to find decorations to use alongside our selection of columns, Pacific Compagnie offers no shortage of options. From lavish wall decorations and animal sculptures to furnishings inspired by the aeronautical industry, our decorations selection will harmonise beautifully with columns and pedestal products.