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Discover our selection of bookcases in natural wood, black or contemporary finish, in all shapes and originality. Reading isn't just about holding books in your hand. We also need to store the books we love to make them accessible, protect them from damage and to show them off to guests when they visit. If you've built up a huge book collection, you'll want to add some designer bookcases to your interior, and Pacific Compagnie has exactly what you require.

Our design partners have created a variety of impressive bookcase options which mix creativity and practicality. Of course, these bookcases will provide the ideal place to keep your novels or reference books (not to mention DVDs or ornaments), but they will also be an outstanding addition to your living room design. Mixing up storage features with premium design elements, they can convert bare walls into beautiful features. So you can wow guests with both your wide-ranging reading tastes and your interior design knowledge.

Check out all of our book cases to find a design which perfectly suits your needs. We have all sizes, from small bookcase options for apartments and guest bedrooms, to huge furniture products that can span entire downstairs walls. Textures, materials and colours span every conceivable variety as well, so choosing the ideal bookcase won't be difficult.

  Bookcases: Our Products   

When you dive into our bookcase collection, you'll be amazed at the diversity on display. Traditional bookcases are often bland, using simple rectilinear shelving and standardised compartments to store reading matter. Our designers have created some classic versions, but they have gone far beyond ordinary bookcases as well. 

For example, many bookcases in our range use multiple materials in creative ways. You'll find versions which blend together the rich tones of tropical hardwoods with the purity and strength of metals like aluminium, setting up a striking contrast. These wood metal bookcase options aren't just visually impressive. They also provide robust spaces for heavy art books and encyclopedias - or any other heavy items that you need to keep close to hand.

Other bookcases in our collection take a creative approach to the use of wood. These multicolor wood bookcase designs use different types of wood in the same product, adding to the texture of the finished piece. Other wooden options use shapes imaginatively. Some feature stacks of boxes piled in pyramid-style shapes, while others do away with backboards, leaving the shelves alone, almost suspended in mid-air. And then there are cylindrical models made from woods like cedar. These rounded bookcases make great use of space and are ideal for storing shorter novels or DVDs for ready access.

As you can see, our bookcase portfolio is characterised by diversity and choice. Whatever the layout of your apartment or house, you can find suitable designs. Some are able to fit into confined spaces and corners. Others are adapted to larger walls. Mix them up and pick the ones you love, and you'll soon have all the book storage space you need.

   Our Wood, Metal and Modern Bookcase Designs 

Wood isn't the only material available in our book case collection either. When you browse our range you'll also encounter some outstanding metal creations. For example, the Ptolomeo collection of tower cases, represents a stunning choice for those who need a small bookcase or space for their entertainment media. Others like the Horatio bookcase include dazzling chrome finishes, giving them an industrial style.

Moreover, the colours of our wooden bookcases varies immensely. There are pure white designs that would slip seamlessly into Scandinavian style interiors, as well as rich browns and blacks. And some also feature extra cabinets underneath their shelving, representing a fusion between bookcases and other wardrobes items. So be sure to find a storage solution that meets your needs. With so much to choose from here, you'll certainly find something appropriate.

When you browse our designer bookcases, it's also important to think about how they combine with other indoor furnitures in your home. In that case, you may wish to check out our cabinets and wardrobes, sideboardsdesks and consoles. That way, you can create harmonious spaces with all of the storage space required.