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The mirror is an integral part of our everyday life, what could be nicer than to see in a mirror that reflects your mood and beauty ... selection to discover in our shop. For thousands of years, we have enjoyed seeing ourselves reflected in metal or glass and we continue to do so thanks to inspiring modern mirror design. Ever since early man caught sight of himself in a pool of water, people have adored the magical qualities of mirrors. Did you know that the earliest mirrors were fashioned from polished stone or obsidian, black volcanic glass?

Examples have been discovered in Turkey and are thought to date back around 6,000 years. By 2,000BC, mirrors were being made from metals such as bronze and copper and, although the Chinese perfected highly polished metal alloy mirrors a few centuries later, they were expensive and only available to the very wealthy. The Lebanese were the first to produce metal-backed glass mirrors in the first century AD and we have them to thank for modern mirror design that incorporates classic production methods with the latest designer flair.

Thankfully, you won't have to search quite so far into the past when you can simply choose from some of the finest mirror designs and vintage design mirrors at Pacific Compagnie. These days, anyone can afford beautiful glass mirrors that not only allow you to check out your reflection but which double as striking pieces of installation art or extra sources of natural light. From bathroom mirror design to vintage design mirrors, you'll discover beautiful products and other indoor furniture to complement every part of your home in our latest Indoor Furniture collections.

Modern mirror design: our products

No home is complete without a few practical but beautiful mirrors. It would be impossible to style your hair, perfect your make-up or give your reflection one last check before setting off for work or school without modern or vintage design mirrors. Of course, let's not forget one of the most important rooms; bathroom mirror design has really taken off over the past few years and you can explore elegant products from leading brands or unique pieces by gifted artists at Pacific Compagnie. A classic glass mirror is a must for halls and bedrooms while modern mirrors that are comprised of several sections look sensational in alcoves, dining rooms, conservatories – anywhere that would feel more complete with an eye-catching piece of artwork.

Try placing a few smaller mirrors in a group or make the most of modern mirror design by choosing superbly finished pieces that incorporate other materials. Add a dash of sophistication to bedrooms and studies with vintage design mirrors or make the kids' rooms more appealing with practical mirrors in colourful frames. Placing a large mirror where it will reflect natural light is an excellent way to bring light into your lounge or dining room while adding glass mirrors where they will reflect the view makes rooms look larger and more welcoming.

Our modern and vintage design mirror collection

Mirrors are generally made of metal backed glass although frames and inserts can be made of anything from wood or metal to coloured mirrored glass. Whether you're browsing bathroom mirror design or looking at our modern and vintage designer mirror collection, you're sure to be thrilled by the vast choice of styles. Maybe you like chic retro-style mirrors such as the 119-OVUM with its beautiful hand-carved mahogany frame. Or, perhaps you're intrigued by modern mirror designs which feature several sections like the 31-DRIFTWOOD, a lovely piece that combines natural materials with a striking multi-glass design.

Try a vintage design mirror like the glamorous 119-ROCOCO in bedrooms or halls; it comes in a wide range of colours and finishes so you can personalise your glass mirror according to your own preferences. Whichever you choose, you're guaranteed to enjoy your superbly designed glass mirrors for many years to come.