Square mirror


  • €395.00 - €17,800.00

Square mirror: our products


Appropriate for anywhere in the house and easy to move from place to place, mirrors are a simple but sure way of endowing a room with brightness and character. Pacific Compagnie takes the standard square mirror and turns it into a versatile must-have, ideal for a whole host of modern homes. We design mirrors that combine clean-lined, contemporary aesthetics with traditional features such as bevelled glass. With some models as little as 2.5 cm deep so that they fit snugly against the wall, they range from the deceptively utilitarian to flamboyant centrepieces. Be it opulent bronze or state of the art LED lighting, our choice of materials is excitingly eclectic, adding to the allure of these beautifully crafted items.


Mirrors for all around the house


Looking for an imposing square wall mirror for a hallway or foyer? Then you might want to consider one of our vintage-inspired brass designs. Deeply carved Victorian-style mouldings and an antique finish convey an instant impression of old world luxury, in tune with period dwellings and decor. At the other extreme, if you're in need of a square bathroom mirror, then we have no shortage of wall-mounted functional designs that blend practicality with streamlined looks. Meanwhile, zebra print fabric or one of our other choices of upholstery can add a touch of fun and feminine flair to a square makeup mirror for bedrooms and dressing rooms.


Metallic square mirrors


To deliver that extra eye-catching sparkle to your home, our range boasts a number of gold square mirror options. Elaborate geometrical borders offer a sophisticated modern take on this popular finish. Likewise, the silver square mirror is brought up to date with forward-thinking designs in polished nickel and stainless steel. These designs combine lavish decoration with a large mirrored surface area for an optimum mix of reflective power and visual appeal.


Square wooden mirror designs


Conveying a feeling of organic warmth, wood is especially suitable for homes in a rustic or semi-rural setting. You can choose from premium natural materials such as solid oak, mahogany and white teak for a model that complements your interior design scheme. Alternatively, opt for a monochrome lacquer finish for a stronger graphic impact, just the thing for adding an element of contrast to conventional magnolia walls. Furthermore, we have mirrors offset with sprays of hand-carved foliage for a look which is sumptuous while still retaining a sense of airy lightness.


Small and large square mirrors and cut to size mirrors


Some of our mirrors come in a choice of sizes, while others are carefully proportioned to blend seamlessly into the modern home. If you can't see the size you want for a particular wall space, try contacting us to have a mirror customised to your needs. In addition, don't forget to check out our ranges of round mirrors and rectangular mirrors for yet more inspiring interior design accessories.