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Round Mirrors: Our Products


Find a mirror that perfectly reflects your design style from the huge selection of designer models at Pacific Compagnie's indoor furnishings store. Mirrors are often a fundamental part of home designs, and they can be an effective way to create accents and add decorative elements to room layouts. As you'll see when you browse the creations available at our store, today's mirror designers are capable of coming up with a huge range of different looks and styles.


Round mirrors are one of the most popular styles. Why? Well, their curved form allows designers to express themselves with frame designs, while round shapes tend to add character to interior walls.


Our store features a massive variety to choose from. Some, like the creations from Audemars, have a dazzling golden theme and come with attractive "necklace"-style frames. They will be ideal for homes which demand a touch of luxury in every furnishing. But there are other styles to pick as well. If industrial design is more to your taste, some of our partners have repurposed Boeing 737 components, giving them a stark, metallic look which harmonises well with contemporary interiors.


There are also some appealing Art Deco round mirrors with wood, brass and nickel decorations, often featuring hand-sculpted elements and 1930s-inspired sun motifs, or gorgeous green bevelled glass. Others channel modern artists like Kandinsky, with the use of geometric brass and copper blocks around the frame. Any of them would be perfect for adding to vintage living rooms and home bars, making them more atmospheric places to spend time.


Choose from Small, Large and Specially Cut to Size Mirrors


Whether you choose a classic, Art Deco or modern round mirror, it's often possible to customise your purchase. At Pacific Compagnie, it's easy to order mirrors cut to a size, which suits your home, with almost any dimensions possible. Just pick a frame which allows for adjustment and make sure you find the right measurements. Our team will do the rest.


If you don't want to pay more to have mirrors cut to size, the circular mirrors at Pacific Compagnie should still have something to enhance your home or business. There are both small and large round mirrors, and models with thin and thick frames - so have a look through the whole range and match up a design against your interior theme.


It's definitely worth taking time to find the right mirror. Well-chosen large wall round mirrors can make bedrooms or bathrooms feel and look lighter and roomier. But a mirror with a frame that is too large for a wall space can seem confining and overwhelming.


So choose wisely. There's no shortage of options, and we're confident you'll find a round mirror which suits your tastes. But if you still need to widen your search, be sure to check out our squarerectangular and non-standard mirrors as well.