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A remarkable selection of chairs for your home comfort, all materials, all possible forms, structures, sharpness, detail, perfectly suited to your living room or in your dining room

Designer and modern chairs: our products

Designer chairs are much more than simply places to sit. From beautifully shaped backs to elegant legs, and from attractive patterns to soft, luxurious upholstery, the finest chairs have endless premium features that make them an essential purchase for serious design fans.

As Pacific Compagnie, we know how valuable the right chairs can be for an interior design, so we've gathered together an extensive collection of exceptional creations. Whatever style you've chosen for your home, you'll find chairs that match your desires and tastes. Dive in and explore until a design catches your eye.

Our product range covers a huge amount of ground. For instance, if you have a rustic style of home, a wood chair design could be ideal, while a contemporary chair will slip seamlessly into contemporary studies or lounges. It all depends on how you want to decorate your home, so let's take a closer look at some of the chair design options available at Pacific Compagnie.

Our wooden, lounge and modern chairs and their major aspects

Materials really matter when you are choosing a chair, and with wood, plastic and metal chair design options available from our online store, interior designers can choose something with the properties they need.

For example, some of our modern lounge chair design options feature buffed teak arms and legs, which give the finished product a rich, organic appearance. And the teak looks fantastic when combined with cotton, leather or stainless steel bodies - setting up a visually appealing contrast. If you want a tasteful, timeless look for your chair wood could be perfect.

But if you need a more luxurious look for your chair leather is probably the way to go. The complex finish of fine leather has a magical look which no other material can match. There are brown buffalo leather chairs, designs featuring olive, beige or black material, making it simple to find a tone to match your table, floors or couches.

And the metal, plastic or wooden chairs in our collection also come in plenty of different shapes. From extended rectangular couches to a quirky round chair design, there are chairs to suit any space.


Pick a style of chair that meets your needs

Alongside a wide choice of materials, customers will also find various styles of chair, from absolutely practical everyday options, to accent chairs that will stand out wherever they are positioned.

Some models of lounge chair in our collection have been designed for convenience, and can be easily stacked. Lightweight but stylish at the same time, these handy chairs can be stored and deployed for special occasions without letting any hosts down.

Other furnishings have a stripped down metal chair design which keeps everything as simple as possible. By using cutting edge moulding and welding techniques, the designers have come up with some exquisite forms. There are chairs with sinuously curved bodies made from powder-coated aluminium, chairs with a stunning gold finish, as well as more modest but beautifully proportioned iron versions.

But not all of our chairs adopt a minimalist approach. Some designs also include cushions that are a joy to sink into as you relax at your table. If you want to make visitors feel totally at ease when they spend time in your lounge, be sure to check out designs like the Isabella fabric chair or the Baltus couch

Browse the Pacific Compagnie chairs collection and compare designs. With so many colours, styles and materials on offer, even the most demanding interior designers should find something to suit their project.