Baltus collection’s decade long commitment to design and quality confirms BALTUS as a definitive leader in the modern, luxury furniture market. Hand-crafted by artisans in Spain, using a variety of dynamic materials, each BALTUS piece has a unique and sophisticated style enhanced by unusual but beautiful textures and finishes. Being hand-made allows materials, sizes and shapes to be fashioned in an infinite number of ways to create exclusive individual pieces perfectly tailored to the wishes of each BALTUS client.


The Baltus values

The Spanish brand "Baltus Collection" has been dedicated to producing high-quality furniture for a decade. It is now the uncontested leader in the luxury furniture market. Handmade by Spanish craftsmen, each Baltus piece has a unique, sophisticated style set off by the unusual materials used and the excellence of the finish. Manual production allows the use of materials, shapes and sizes to create pieces that correspond perfectly to our customers' requirements.


Baltus, world leader in luxury furniture

A beautiful interior can't be improvised. So what could be better than to furnish your living space with luxury furniture that is both elegant and creative? This is what the Spanish brand Baltus has been doing for over ten years. In a very short time it has become nothing less than the world leader in luxury furniture. A status acquired thanks to unique expertise and, above all, the painstaking work of its craftsmen, who produce these furniture gems by hand. Baltus is thus a guarantee of investing in the best in the world – 100% Spanish furniture.


A unique finish

The Baltus touch can be found in all the pieces made by the brand. A sophisticated style that is entirely unique, acclaimed by furniture enthusiasts all over the world for years. But what makes Baltus furniture so beautiful and so highly prized by the public? Apart from the handmade aspect, it is above all the quality of the materials used and the finish given to the furniture. Baltus' craftsmen, or rather artists, are committed to respecting their customers' desires as closely as possible to make your interior a unique space in your own image.