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Lounge Chair

Lounge Chair

Lounge Chair

Nothing commits to unadulterated luxury and comfort quite like the design of a lounge chair. Never intended for a work-based activity, it gives no thought for the dinner table or the reading desk. A lounge chair reserves itself for the inexpressibly luxurious recline. It offers no respect for the rise but only sets forth an invitation to fall in and give oneself over to the decadence of sweet treats consumed with good friends in a comfortable space.

The range of luxury and design lounge chairs found on Pacific Compagnie come from some of the world’s most renowned designers, men and women who possess a keen understanding of what the lounge chair represents. As such, expect to find no compromises when it comes to comfort, no ground given when it comes to function over luxury.

Each designer has drawn their line in the sand and will give no quarter, only a series of sumptuous designs that feature innovation, elegance and an eye for aesthetic impact that has placed them at the cutting edge of the industry. From the Chaise Longue to the long chair, the war has begun on the mundane trappings of the practical and the frontline of luxury is advancing.

A legacy of comfort that stretches back eons and has stood the test of time

The earliest examples of this style of chair date back all the way to ancient Greece and since then some of the most famous dignitaries and thinkers of each subsequent age have taken their ease and perhaps happened upon some sudden inspiration in just such a piece of indoor furniture. With the innovative and elegant designs on Pacific Compagnie, it’s easy to see why this chair is such a boon for the makings of a comfortable atmosphere. Lounge chairs with right angles offer an ideal way to make use of every square inch of awkward corners, making for more seating when guest come around.

However, the lounge chair is also a chance to showcase how beautiful materials can add to a sense of luxury. Expect the implementation of beautiful and smooth upholstery integrated with exquisite materials such as mahogany to make for a special kind of modern wood chair. Or seek out a leather lounge chair for a style of recline that will hold its beauty throughout the years. The soft and sumptuous feel of velvet is not overlooked either, with daring designs dressed and drenched in this very material, offering both comfort and an imposing splash of colour.

Beautiful lounge chairs created by the most accomplished of artisans

A luxury item like a lounge chair should never be compromised by inferior design or craftsmanship. Its allure lies in its ability to fulfil the promise of comfort delivered when a person first sets eyes upon it. That is why only creations from some of the world’s best designers are selected for the Pacific Compagnie range.

Expect to see frontline creations from the likes of Carla and Baltus, showcasing the talents of some of the preeminent design houses at work today. These creators are chosen for their ability to combine modern, noble materials and blend them using impeccable manual manufacturing methods to deliver a furniture piece that is more than the sum of its parts. For those seeking other luxury and design chairs, continue to browse the Pacific Compagnie website for premier design furniture including everything from modern metal chairs to traditional wooden cabinets.


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