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Metal Chair

Metal Chair

Metal Chair

The metal chair stands at the heart of modern and modernist design. Modern metal chairs can exhibit the characteristics of a number of different styles but most commonly they represent, at least is some sense, the clean and simple lines of mid-century furniture.

Our selection of design metal chairs is developed by creators and artist who have a deep and enduring love for this material and an instinct for how it can be molded into something sublime. Within the selection you’ll see an eye for the clear orientation and organic curves that are emblematic of metal furniture design. In its essence the metal chair represents the pinnacle of simplicity, a pure and molded piece that offers both function and a pared down kind of beauty.

This is partly why it has come to inhabit so much space in the modern world, from the bustling restaurant or hotel to the Avant Garde café and beyond. Stable, durable and unassuming, the metal chair represents a chance for designers to step beyond the boundaries of pure function and experiment with the edges of simple elegance in unexpected and exciting ways. You’ll find a range of innovative and boundary pushing design amongst the Pacific Compagnie collection of metal chairs. 


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Designers with a natural instance for metal construction

A difficult yet potentially limitless material to craft with, metal offers designer a chance to create new frontiers of both form and functionality. Our collection blends materials such as plastic and wood seamlessly in some instances and adheres to the purity of the metal itself in others. In the latter, hard juxtapositions are left behind and the uncluttered, sleek and organic form of single-piece furniture is allowed to stand forth. While a luxury wood chair offers a kind of homely embrace that suits the rustic interior, the metal chair can just as easily create impact and atmosphere with an adherence to simple practicality and comfort.

The Pacific Compagnie collection combines the stark subtlety of wholly metallic forms in some pieces with the combination of luxurious cushioning and reclining back support in others. Despite their differences, each piece strives to use the properties of metal to play with empty space and subvert expectations.

Choose a single dominant piece and add something fundamental to a laid-back décor, or opt for a collection of items to surround a table and watch as the polished aluminum adds a wholly new character to a furniture set in your living or dining area.

High-grade materials combined by artists and assembled by craftsmen

Excellence in material construction is a cornerstone of each Pacific Compagnie furniture collection. Each of our luxury indoor metal chairs and outdoor versions of the same are assembled by master artisans from high-grade materials that are bewildering in their variety and ingenuity. Expect everything from brushed iron to finely worked leather and even lacquered aluminum.

The end result is a collection that offers inspiration to a wide range of design tastes, ensuring you find the item that speaks to your unique vision for your home. If metal chairs are not for you, we invite you to take your gaze beyond and investigate our range of other luxury and designs chairs such as our luxury lounge chairs and recliners. Contact us or browse more of our website to find out more about the exciting pieces in our collection.