Headstalls and loungers

The lounge chair and deck chair are now an essential component of any outdoor furniture set and for good reason. The lounge chair still carries the mystique of its early ancestors, one that can still be seen in ancient Roman and Grecian art providing comfort for the prominent citizens and great thinkers of the time. The folding deck chair takes its name from the compact seats that passengers often use in order to take in a little sunshine on the deck of a luxury steam cruiser. Over the centuries these two pillars of outdoor furniture have evolved and have even been blended together to many different degrees until now, the options available for both styles are hard to count. The folding lounge chair represents the ideal blend of comfort and function, enabling a person to engage in the reclining posture that has fascinated and delighted people for centuries, while also maintaining a utility and an efficiency of space that is often necessary in the modern era of compact gardens. While traditional forms are still respected and represented among the Pacific Compagnie selection, one will also discover a range the incorporates the creations of designers who seek to break the mold in no uncertain terms.
The outdoor hanging lounger is a revolution in this kind of design, combining the comfort of the recliner with the steady and comforting sway of a suspended edifice. The chaise lounge has also seen itself reimagined and reinvented in a number of ways, both aesthetically and materially. The end result is a collection that pays due tribute to the long and rich history of deck and lounge chairs while making no apologies for pushing the boundaries of the format in order to offer something that has the air of a bespoke furniture piece, one that is intended to match and enhance the soul of your décor.

The Right Piece for the Right Occasion

Selecting and arranging outdoor modern loungers and outdoor deckchairs is a fine art that, when done successfully, should lend itself to an entirely new kind of social experience in your outside spaces. Creating seated groups is a great way to stimulate conversation at a garden party, where deck chairs grouped around one of our original luxury tables will help to bring people together into a cozy atmosphere. For those who like to recline, you can still create a sense of community with some outdoor side tables to guide people towards a conversation with their neighbor. While loungers retain a functional focus that limits the kind of spaces and roles they can fulfil, deck chairs are notable for their great versatility, so if you are unsure of how your chairs should behave or know that you need seating that can perform a number of roles, this style of chair is a great place to start.

Designs that offer beauty and comfort combined

Outdoor modern loungers from Pacific Compagnie are designed with comfort, utility and impact in mind. Each one comes direct from the minds of some of the most renowned furniture designers working today. This is why one can see a wide range of material choices on the display, including the classic weather-resistant teak wood and more advanced synthetic materials that are specifically designed to advance the cause of outdoor comfort. The outdoor modern lounger has undoubtedly evolved and now you are free to choose the feel of your experience, one that matches the flow of your personality and the natural qualities of your outside areas. Choose an outdoor sun lounger that makes you want to walk outside every time you see, something that calls out for a cold glass of something tasty consumed in a stolen hour with a good read. Pick a deck chair that makes you want to move up the date of your next outdoor engagement. The future of outdoor furniture is available right here on Pacific Compagnie.