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Considered by many designers to be the optimum shape when it comes to a dining table, the rectangular table is a staple of good decors all over the world. Its dimensions not only lend themselves to a long guest-list of friends enjoying plenty of unencumbered leg room, but it also harkens back to the decadent age of princes and queens and opulent events showered in crystal chandeliers and the finest wines.

A design rectangular table channels this reputation by offering function while also paying tribute to the role of the indoor rectangular table as an art piece in itself. And, of course, you still have the pride of place offered by the coveted ends of each table, a place where hosts go to do what they do best. The lengthy rectangular table should impose along a number of vectors, including size, material and shape.

The collection of tables offered on Pacific Compagnie do just that, assembled as they are from the minds of some of the most daring and noteworthy furniture designers of the day. Here expect to find pivotal works from premier design houses such as Cuadra and Mountain.

The centerpiece for every kind of meeting of minds

Rectangular tables are beloved for their versatility and the opportunities for a bespoke look that are on offer. If one's aim is to entertain as many guests as possible, choose a pedestal base table to facilities easy additions of other indoor furniture such as chairs and stools. In contrast to a round design table where food is placed centrally a group dynamic is created, rectangular tables are especially conducive to quiet little pockets of conversation between two or three people, no matter how many guests are on the roster.

If one wishes to enhance the quality of conversation at the next home event, a dazzling and well-dimensioned rectangular table is the optimum choice. Yet such as shape is suited for more than just eating-engagements. Conferences and business meetings the world over are pulled together around the rectangle table top. As such, executives and CEO call out for imposing designs that make a statement about their company and its mission.

Within the Pacific Compagnie collection, one can find dramatic and inspiring designs ideal for the next meeting of minds, such as walnut topped pedestal tables underpinned by an angular iron base, or creative shaping such as a trapeze-inspired design of oak and metal.

A range that offers the ultimate menu of beautifully crafted tables

Designs for rectangular tables in the Pacific Compagnie collection are created and crafted by some of the foremost furniture designers and artisans working today. The range runs from items that leverage the classical beauty of traditional form inspired by the homes of French royalty, to modernist pieces forged entirely from glass, and even dramatic pieces that forgoes all other considerations in pursuit of an undeniable lavishness.

This means homeowners and décor designers can choose from everything from hand-painted surfaces, to tables fashioned from single cedar blocks and even trunk shaped designs dipped in a gold finish. At the heart of the selection is the idea that a rectangular table is created with impact in mind, an effect that feels bespoke to that particular decor and that particular moment.

The variety of designers chosen for the collection ensure that each creation is inspired by an entirely different kind of philosophy, ensuring that you can find something that speaks to your own. As well as rectangular tables of this sort, you can also find daring and inspiring collections of other dining tables such as square design tables and round tables among the Pacific Compagnie selection.