• Bar 22- Boeing 747
  • Bar 22- Boeing 747
  • Bar 22- Boeing 747
  • Bar 22- Boeing 747
Bar 22- Boeing 747

Bar 22- Boeing 747


Bar Boeing 747 made with a Boeing 747 air intake in polished aluminum.

Inside composed of a top, height: 76cm

and a low shelf, height: 34cm

Rounded bar forming a half air intake of Boeing 747.


Depth without the tray: 130cm

This B 747 model takes part in the creation of an exotic decoration, almost unreal.

This furnishing solution was manufactured using a Boeing 747 air intake.

Incorporate it into your living area in order to assert its character or radically change

its atmosphere by introducing several exceptional creations of which this bar with an industrial look.

The bar is made up of a shiny aluminum finishing, over which rests a remarkable glass plate.

The individual located in the inner part has at his disposal two shelves where he can store

various utensils and place glasses and bottles.

Ref: 22- AIR-BAR0060

Reference: Bar 22- Boeing 747
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Bar 22- Boeing 747