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Looking for luxury furniture, rare and high quality, look no further we have selected for you the best ...

Custom furniture design: our products

This section is all about feeding the imagination. We've emphasised creativity and beauty when selecting our furniture, and worked with prestigious designers to source pieces which are utterly extraordinary.

Whether you want a gorgeous sculpture table or you're looking for some classic Art Deco and Industrial ideas to complete an interior design theme, Pacific Compagnie have the furniture you need. Our team has worked hard to come up with a comprehensive choice of exceptional items, each one with its own unique charm and features.

The possibilities are exciting, and almost all kinds of household furniture are covered by our product range. There are cabinets, chairs, floor lamps, tables, chests and all manner of decorations - each one offering a different look and feel. With so much to see, it's important to look around and pick the perfect products, so be sure to browse our furniture categories to avoid missing out on something that's right for your tastes.

Luxury furniture: armchairs, chests and tables

The Pacific Compagnie custom furniture collection includes almost any item a home owner could require. It doesn't matter whether you're furnishing an apartment from scratch or you just need some furnishings to freshen up your home, our portfolio of furniture will have plenty of options to consider.

If you're searching for a luxury chair, you won't lack for possibilities. Some of the most impressive of all are our taxidermy original furniture pieces. These include some stunning chairs made with intricate bronzework and genuine Burchell zebra upholstery, as well as chairs made from jet black alligator skin and real buffalo horns.

But there are also some less flamboyant classic Art Deco and Industrial ideas for buyers to think about. You might want to consider the sleek, minimalist appeal of a polished mahogany table or a folding screen made with aged brass panels which glimmer like gold. There are so many ways to add a touch of retro charm to your home, so let your creativity soar, and assemble the perfect blend of tables, chairs and accessories. 

Famous artists and luxury furniture designers

We've partnered with some of the world's brightest design talent to put together our luxury furniture collection, and the results are spectacular. These definitely aren't the kind of pieces you'll find in High Street stores. Instead, our range focuses on custom furniture and bespoke decorations made by world-renowned experts.

This includes a huge amount of wall hangings and photographs. So if you have space to fill at home or in your business environment, there should be something suitable. For instance, if you want a youthful, chic look you could pick a painting and decoration of famous personalities such as Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie or James Dean, and mix this with a life size Batman statue and a pinball table.

The idea is to make it simple to arrange your home in a beautiful, completely personal way. If you want to surround yourself with taxidermy original furniture and sculptures inspired by African cultures, we can oblige, but as you can see, we cater for pop culture fans and those who just want exceptional works of art.

Have a look around and plan your ideal interior. With exquisite chairs, some breathtaking sculpture tableideas, and an endless array of decorative pieces, the Pacific Compagnie collection puts exceptional design at your disposal, whenever you need it.