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To decorate your home, we have selected for you, exceptionally beautiful and rare pieces created by our designers and artists to discover quickly.

Luxury decorations: Our Products

 At Pacific Compagnie, we believe that every home should be furnished beautifully. That's why we've gathered together a stunning collection of decorations for the home, allowing our customers to add the right aesthetic elements to all of their rooms.

 Our decorations span plenty of ground, so there should be something exceptional for your home. From a juke box original to a creative plane sculpture, the pieces on display roam widely across the world of art and design. But they have two things in common: they have been crafted with skill by leading artisans, and they have been meticulously chosen by the decoration experts in our team.

 So browse our collections and make a shortlist of pieces that could adorn your living room, conservatory, summer house or balcony. They could make the difference and take the look of your home to a completely different level.


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Discover Beautiful and Rare Pieces

 Our collection is characterised by immense diversity. The world of decorative art is extremely diverse, so we've tried to assemble a selection of pieces which gives customers as much choice as possible.


For starters, you'll come across plenty of reclaimed items which have been converted into impressive decorations. Some of our most eye-catching pieces have been inspired by the glamorous history of aviation. The modern designers that we work with are fascinated by the materials and forms used in planes, engines and helmets, and reclaimed parts can be turned into remarkable decorations. So you'll find all kinds of plane sculpture in our collections, including repurposed propellers and helmets, alongside dynamic miniature planes.


We also have a pieces that have a more primitive feel. For instance, you'll find mounted Ethiopian shields from the early 20th century, representations of Japanese Meiji rulers in glass cases bronze Cambodian rain drums. And there are also items from the recent past, such as original juke boxes, pinball machines or original parts from fairground carousels.


We've tried to find the ideal balance between the past and the present, offering designs themed around space exploration alongside African artefacts. So there should be a personalized status symbol to suit everyone's tastes. Have a look around and you'll be dazzled by the choices available.


Works from Famous Artists and Luxury Furniture Designers


Repurposed items from planes or ancient cultures are far from the only decorative options available from Pacific Compagnie. We also work with creators of decorations based around the natural world, resulting in a variety of animal wood carving. And if you need a taxidermy item for sale, our range includes everything from polar bears to Siberian tigers.


Our black and silver bronze cheetah sculptures or gorgeous butterfly wall decorations, will make it easy to add some natural elements to your interior design to soften harsh lines and draw the attention of guests. Or you could just choose an attractive aluminium dog sculpture or a charismatic panda to add character to your bedroom.


Then there are pure works of art from contemporary masters. This includes substantial bronze sculptures, celebrity-inspired wall art and photography, as well as some sublime faience vases and bowls from iconic design houses like Emaux de Longwy.


So, if you need to add some decorations to your home, you've come to the right place. Pacific Compagnie stock a huge collection of items for all design styles, from aviation sculptures to pinball machines and taxidermy. With so much choice, you're sure to find ways to fashion the perfect look for any space.