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Square Side Tables: Our Products

Fill in awkward spaces and add valuable table space to your home with a choice from Pacific Compagnie's collection of premium square-sided tables. Whether you're hunting for a beautiful rectangular coffee table or something to harmonise with your  round side tables, our range of furniture products will surely include the ideal design.

We've gathered together a seductive gallery of designer and vintage square side tables that could make all the difference to your interior project. They can be used in all sorts of situations. Whether you need to add an accent to bare corridors, include a neat end-stop to designer couches or place an attractive table alongside your bed, we have the products for you.

Small and Large Square Side Tables

There are plenty of different options in our square side table selection. For starters, you'll find compact multi-level designs with extra shelf space for your ornaments or essentials. Coming with gold covered, metallic or wooden frames, these tables are ideal for smaller rooms where storage and looks need to be brought together.

But if you have more space to fill, larger options are also available. Some have the vintage appearance of antiques and glass square side tables are also part of the mix. With their pure, flawless appearance, they have a timeless appeal, and can be combined with cantilevered or solid bases - whatever suits the look of your room.

Expect to come across some truly imaginative designs, too. For instance, you could choose a rectangular coffee table featuring an adapted metal carry case, or you might opt for a radically minimalist version formed from veneer-coated oak.

The best idea is to have a look around and compare designs with your interior plans. Blend the right mix of colours and tones, and measure your space to find a table that fits perfectly.

Our Modern Metal and Gold Side Tables

The diverse style of many of our side tables makes them able to slot into a huge array of home and business designs. For example, if you're not sure whether your project fits into modern or classic styles, we have a variety of metal and rustic square side tables that bridge the gap between different looks.

You'll find small white and black square side tables with curved legs and drawers, which take their inspiration from 18th century craftsmanship. But you'll also discover totally contemporary creations. Some come with slender frames, others mix white and natural teak to create unique results, while others strip everything back with a mixture of stainless steel and glass.

If you really want to add a touch of luxury, our gold square side tables are a must-see. These tables tend to have stainless steel frames that are coated in gold, giving them a brilliant shiny finish, which looks fantastic alongside black tempered or pure glass.

And don't forget - square side tables aren't the only option to consider. At Pacific Compagnie, we've also collected a beautiful range of round side tables to go alongside your sofa or bed. Check them out and make the right selection from our huge selection of designer side tables.