Vlaemynck in brief... 

The garden is a unique space that extends your home, where you spend time relaxing and entertaining. It is also outdoors and thus subject to bad weather, so demand Roland Vlaemynck quality, which can be explored at our store…


The art of garden furniture by Vlaemynck

The Vlaemynck company started with a simple principle: everyone with a garden enjoys entertaining their friends there. Based on this obvious observation, the company founded by Roland Vlaemynck places all its expertise at the service of garden furniture. Chairs, tables, armchairs, sofas, parasols, sun loungers… Everything you need in the garden for beautiful summer days surrounded by greenery, relaxing in the sun, perhaps around a swimming pool. The company considers the garden to be an extension of the home, and its exterior decoration is a reflection of the interior.


Forty years of history and production

To give your garden an atmosphere of peace, serenity and conviviality, Vlaemynck uses high-quality materials (teak, steel, nyatoh, resin, aluminium) to create products and pieces that will add personality to your outdoor space. Don't hesitate to place your trust in this company, whose experience consists of over forty years of work and expertise in the art of weaving and furniture-making. The many hotels and restaurants that put their trust in Vlaemynck know what they are doing: the brand is a real guarantee of quality, beauty and comfort.