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The futurist universe of Vondom

Do you love contemporary design? What would you say to a high-tech approach to your interior and your garden? If you have a beautiful property, don't hesitate to plunge into the world of Vondom, the Spanish brand whose creations draw their inspiration from futurist design. There is no extravagance – the chairs, modules, armchairs, chaises longues, coffee tables, deckchairs and flowerpots all retain a very streamlined style. Vondom, a resolutely modern brand and more. For futurist planters and designer furniture.


Creativity and technical mastery for interiors and exteriors

Made from high-tech, environmentally friendly materials, our products meet the demanding needs of our customers To achieve a collection with such high-tech inspiration, the company has adopted a very specific production technique using rotational moulding. This is Voldom's secret, and it allows the Spanish brand to invent and create balanced, contemporary new forms. A creative sense unique in the world of furniture, enabling the company's customers to put together very personal decorative ensembles. To give this very graphical touch to its creations, Voldom calls on designers such as Karim Rashid. A collaboration made in heaven which results in pieces you might think had been sent back from the future.