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Discover the fabulous world of CHRISTOPHER GUY which presents a captivating and astonishing gallery. Founder and Designer of the most exceptional collection of furniture in the world, his career is atypical, born in Great Britain, raised in France and Spain he's now living in Singapore and his creations transcend all cultures.

CHRISTOPHER GUY has imposed his elegant and sophisticated label.

He is known for his very original creations of contemporary spirit, based on classic values. Thanks to an experienced eye, his passion and his ability, he has captured all the fashion trends and he is a leader among the first luxury designers.

The "Canopy" collection is the other star of this exuberant collection. The sofa is adorned with a canopy in delicately serrated mahogany and carved on a high rounded back.

Among his strong points, the finesse of the "silkcut" which transports us to the world of dining rooms: tables and seats all in delicacy and covered with luxurious fabrics

The collection of "bird's n'est" headboards is wonderfully crafted, and filled with velvet will delight lovers of stories and dreams.

CHRISTOPHER GUY has successfully decorated Hollywood celebrity homes and luxury hotels around the world.

Sophistication and glamour contribute to his success and international recognition from L.A to Hong Kong, from Sydney to London.

It was in 2005 that the design brand Christopher Guy began its ascent to the forefront of furniture creation. The British designer who founded the company and gave it his name had already forged a reputation for excellence with his first company Harrision and Gill. Beginning with a reverence and awe for the elegance of French designer, with Christopher Guy he sought to evolve and expand his inspiration palette and synthesize the myriad of influences that had impacted him down through the years of an internationally lived existence. Beginning with a focus on mirrors, the company has since expanded it range thanks to the setup of a workshop in Java that houses 1400 different woodcarvers and artists making it something of haven for experts in the craft. Christopher himself forged new boundaries in the aim to synthesize a style of many nations with his American-based offshoot the Flagship Design lounge, which bring together influences from both French and Spanish design. Now having cemented a sterling reputation in both mirror and interior furniture development and manufacture, Christopher has recently made a successful foray into the world of luxury carpet design by partnering with carpet manufacturer Nourison.

The combination of elegance and daring

At the core of the DNA of each Christopher Guy piece is the founder’s desire for a daring kind of elegance. Each item is a head-turner which is certainly a big part of how the company found itself designing furniture for some of Hollywood’s biggest films including multiple James Bond films. You can expect to infuse much of that excitement into your decor with each piece. The collection takes clean lines and symmetrical dimensions and seeks to elongate, refine, reshape and pare down until what’s left is an elegant form that subverts expectation. Mirrors spring from the wall with an eye-bending manipulation of dimensions, while chairs taper and cinch to surprising conclusions. There is an unmistakable grandiosity to each piece that is wholly embraced by the design itself.

The elegance of a bygone area with the verve of Hollywood glamour

The Christopher Guy selection makes full use of the power of material choice to create impact, offering elegantly balanced contrasts. Finished mahogany contrasts with supple white leather, vivid red fabric stands out against a polished timber outline and soft coco fabric offsets the imposition of modern plastic fixtures. The end result is a selection of items that is capable of adding a flourish of something born on the red carpet to a variety of interior decors. In each of Christopher Guys designs there is a visible a willingness to play with form and colour that is rarely seen in furniture where elegance is also kept as a core tenet of the design ethos. However, this willingness to innovate is paired with a meticulous attention to detail and a sober approach to utility to create a selection of items that achieve on a wide number of different design fronts.