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Dedon in brief

Dedon was the first company to focus on woven outdoor furniture. The first to weave synthetic fibres to make luxury outdoor creations, the first to make quality its top priority and the first truly global brand, Dedon revolutionised the furniture industry. Designed and developed in Dedon's laboratories, produced according to our own very demanding criteria, woven by our master weavers and subjected to twelve very rigorous quality control tests, each Dedon piece, from the fibre to the finished product, expresses our obsessive desire to create the best. That's why, for our customers, Dedon's twenty years represent  of unparalleled excellence. But what do those twenty years mean to us? We never say no to a party. But the truth is that it's not that important. After all, we're only 20. We are young, fresh, bold, full of energy and ideas, but we are only just beginning.


Dedon, the pioneering brand

The eye cannot fail to be drawn by the work produced by French brand Dedon. There is no nationalism in this observation, but the company's creativity across its whole range of models is impressive and can sometimes leave you speechless. The work remains very unusual, and is best suited to very green, stylish gardens and exteriors. There is no doubt that Dedon has had to innovate to achieve results like these. The brand is a true pioneer in the field of woven outdoor furniture! No-one had examined the idea before in other ways. When woven synthetic fibres meet luxury outdoor furniture...


Attention to detail

Dedon's innovation was quick to attract a following in the furniture world, to the extent that it revolutionised the international industry. The various models produced by Dedon are the product of long research in our laboratory, during which very demanding criteria are examined carefully. The furniture is then woven by Dedon's master weavers before being subjected to twelve quality control tests. A real obsession with quality!


No business in woven outdoor furniture before DEDON came along. The first to weave synthetic fiber into luxury outdoor designs, the first to place an absolute premium on quality, the first to become a truly global brand, DEDON revolutionized the business of outdoor furniture. Researched and developed in DEDON labs, fabricated according to our own exacting standards, woven by our master weavers and subjected to 12 rigorous quality assurance checks along the way, each item of DEDON furniture – from fiber to final product – is an expression of our obsession with creating the best. And that’s why, for our customers, 20 years of DEDON means luxury outdoor furniture of unparalleled excellence. But what does 20 years mean to us? Well, we’ll never say no to an excuse for a party. But the truth is, it’s not that big a deal. We’re only 20, after all. Young, fresh, foolish, full of energy and ideas, we’re just getting started.


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