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Opinion Ciatti

Opinion Ciatti

Since the 1950s, the Ciatti family has been running the company that bears its name. It was founded in 2003 under the name of CCR when Flavia Ciatti met Bruno Rainaldi, a curious utopian designer who enjoys experimenting with codes of expression. This new company is focused on developing fittings and accessories for the home. Under the artistic direction of Bruno Rainaldi, furniture, chairs, mirrors and designer pieces have been created. Under the CCR brand name, some important pieces have been created, including Ptolemeo, which has quickly become a company bestseller. For this project, Bruno Rainaldi was awarded the “Compasso d’Oro 2004”. In 2006, Lapo Ciatti, who represents the third generation of he Ciatti family, joined the company with his instinct for business and his training in Industrial Design. New encounters and new opinions. OPINION CIATTI, OC, was then established, again under the artistic direction of Bruno Rainaldi and based in Calenzano. In 2011, Bruno Rainaldi dies and leaves to Lapo Ciatti an important cultural and artistic inheritance.Today Lapo runs things alone, handling both the management and the artist side of the business.

The philosophy of Opinion Ciatti is one that is based around the idea of transformation and narrative. The company name itself is founded on the Ciatti family's journey to transform an opinion about furniture design into something more: a design ethos. Their history stretches back through multiple generations and a single-family line that has also forged partnerships with some of Italian design’s biggest names. In keeping with their idea of story as a central aspect of design, their collections have often sought to draw from integral periods of Italian history such as the Middle Ages as lived in Florence and Tuscany. However, it is their ability to remake these influences into something that speaks to the denizens of the third millennium that has enabled them to maintain a position at the forefront of Italian furniture design. From its founder Rolando Ciatti, who sought to adapt traditional furniture design to the needs of the modern age with the very first television benches every developed in Italy, the current incarnation of the Ciatti has inherited and maintained that curiosity combined with a reverence for classical and simple design that has enabled them to keep one foot firmly in tradition and another taking the first step towards a new frontier in furniture design.


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Opinion Ciatti, the Italian style of furniture

The majority of our Opinion Ciatti selection are designed to bring beauty and verse to unappreciated corners of the home. Polished mirrors rendered with crumpled chrome dazzle even as they take their place in the background, angled cocktail bars add entirely new dimensions to the living room and help one realize the dream of creating an Italian’s interior bar. Despite their tendency to seek out these unused nooks and crannies, each piece in the collection is capable of drawing the gaze and holding it for a few moments of appreciation. Yet despite this, Opinion Ciatti expresses a core tenet of their philosophy by ensuring that a story is told through the adherence to useful function as well as form.

The modernity of Italian charm

The ambition of Opinion Ciatti’s current collection lies in its desire to synthesize a multitude of influences and cultural elements into simple, elegant and functional designs. The pieces found here are a fusion of the traditional, the industrial, the historical and even the fantastical. Polished luxury and modern mirrors offer a simplicity and elegance that often fails to belie the deep understanding of form and function poured into each one by the designer. While bespoke items are just one small part of what the company offers, each piece feels like something tailormade to blend seamlessly with existing elements in the room.