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A full range of easels decoration for your paintings or TV. The easel is the workhorse of the artistic world. Its use dates back to the days of ancient Egypt where hieroglyph artists would use it to display their finished works. Its development allowed for a new kind of art process and directly contributed to the explosion of landscape painting during the Renaissance period.

The easel has become synonymous with both the budding and working artist. In fact, it is so integrated with the artist’s life that it has found its way into some of the great artworks which have been created upon it, including immortal paintings from the likes of Jean Baptiste Camille Corot and Vincent Van Gogh. As such, the easel has become itself a kind of artwork, and the selection of painting easels and display easels found on Pacific Compagnie recognize this and deliver easels worthy of the gallery.

A luxury design easel stand can function in a number of ways. It can allow artists to create and display all in one place. It can also be used as a stand for monitors and televisions, injecting something unexpected and creative into an otherwise everyday activity. Yet more than anything, the sight of an easel should be something that inspires, that reaches within and seeks out the creative in all of us.

Easel designs defined by both their beauty and their functionality

Easels offer a wide scope for utility to artists and homeowners alike. First and foremost, it helps to keep artworks of all levels out of harm's way. Water spills and paint mishaps become less of danger as the upright position keeps the painting out of the danger zone. In addition, the adjustability offered by the Pacific Compagnie selection of design easel stands allows artists to save their back and maintain good posture, allowing for longer painting sessions and a more complete art piece. Lastly, a beautiful art easel design allows both the artist and the viewer to step away from the work and take it in with news eyes.

Our range of easels are inspired by some of the world’s greatest artist including the likes of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. Their aspect is often inspired by the modernist philosophies of the early 20th century, lending them a kind of art deco feel that blends perfectly with a designer art studio. Yet while each one offers much in terms of style and beauty, the necessary functionality of a working easel is never overlooked. Expect to find an impressive array of adjustable features, allowing for an artistic and viewing experience that is tailored to your creative flow.

An expert’s understanding of material and artistry in every single furniture piece

The selection of easels on Pacific Compagnie is forged from the minds of the some of the world’s foremost designers and created from a range of durable and beautiful materials including polished stainless steel, nickel and bronze. Each one is intended to stand apart, to blend with the work of the artist and yet stand as an accomplished piece of artistry in and of itself. Functional quirks include integrated lighting and wheels at the base that allow for easy mobility.

One can even find dedicated easels designs solely for television display. If artwork creation is not your journey, look further into the exceptional range of luxury, modern and design accessories assembled on the Pacific Companie website including everything from luxury clocks for indoor spaces, design and luxury small dishes and more. Contact us today to find out more about the range of furniture and accessories in stock or continue to browse our website for more inspiring ideas for your home or art studio.