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A wide range of ashtrays highly original and of high quality to discover. The ash tray has served a function at dining and drinking tables throughout the world for generations, yet as the ashtray has continued to find its way into homes, offices, diners and bars it has also acquired a myriad of aesthetic tweaks that have allowed it to transcend the functional and evolve into an art piece in its own right. The range of ashtrays selected for the Pacific Compagnie collection is comprised of highly individual designs, drawn from the minds of master creatives, formed by artisans and rendered using only the finest materials.

Each one is designed to blend with the flow and feel of a lit cigarette delicately balanced on the edge. For many, the act of smoking, be it a simple cigarette or a once-in-a-lifetime cigar, is a break away from the everyday, a chance to sit and dwell or chat with friends before rejoining the race. At Pacific Compagnie, we understand that such moments are not to be taken lightly. As such, our collection aims to inject the right amount of atmosphere into each by setting a tone of beauty, form and function.

An ashtray for every table, an art piece for every stolen moment

Choosing the right design ashtray is no mean feat. Do you seek the old-world panache of an antique ashtray, or the unmistakable impact of a luxury ashtray rendered in clear, flawless crystal? And what will you smoke? While many items in our collection are created with cigarettes in mind, others offer the space, form and balance required for a resting cigar. Yet regardless of which style of smoking the ashtray is aimed at, there can be little doubt that each one is a masterclass of design unto itself.

Expect to find a personality infused into every item, with everything from seashells rendered in polished brass to rustic ashtrays formed from solid petrified wood on display. And while some items, such as a silver-plated design formed in the image of an ostrich, seek to dispense with the expected in favor of something grand, other items adhere to the traditional yet still push the boundaries of what has gone before. The collection is intended to offer enough versatility and range to ensure that each person can find an ashtray that feels bespoke to their unique taste.

A meticulous attention to detail poured into each and every design

No detail is overlooked or fails to invite the most intense of deliberation from the renowned designers behind the Pacific Compagnie selection of luxury ashtrays. Material in particular is pored over and agonized over until the ideal combination is achieved. The results of these efforts can be seen in examples such as a handmade ceramic bowl finished in black yet set off by the contrast created with the pure gold liquid trim around its circumference. Surprising yet intriguing material combinations abound including plate nickel set against a fine leather base and polished aluminum set against a dark marble underlay.

Choose the ashtray that calls out to your five minutes of respite and select a luxury ashtray from the Pacific Compagnie that feels destined for your table. If you wish to look beyond these boundaries and seek other luxury items for your home, you can explore a host of luxury, modern and design accessories right here. Browse everything from modern luxury and designs clocks for indoor spaces to design art easels and much more. Contact Pacific Compagnie today to find out more about our current stock of design furniture and future releases.